Alternative Treatments for ADHD

Updated at: Feb 23, 2012
Alternative Treatments for ADHD

ADHD Treatment - Avoid the side-effects of ADHD with its alternative treatments such as bio feedback or neurofeedback intervention is a method of ADHD treatment in which the theta and beta waves of the afflicted child’s brain are measured.

Vatsal Anand
Mental HealthWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Feb 23, 2012

Treatments for ADHDAlternative treatment for ADHD is sought by people who want to avoid the side effects of ADHD medication. Dietary interventions, social skill development, bio feedback and behaviour modification are some alternative treatments available for ADHD.


Behaviour Modification as ADHD Treatment

This is a method in which desired behaviour is rewarded with privileges while bad behaviour is discouraged with removal of privileges or giving the relevant punishment. Usually a child’s behaviour is monitored over a week with software for scoring programme. The scores for negative and positive behaviour get noted.

After a week or month, the child will be given the score sheet which determines whether he deserves a reward or punishment. Such systems help in building a child’s self esteem because ultimately they determine the outcome of the scores by their behaviour. One of these systems is Stress Free ADHD System.


Interactive Metronome Training for ADHD

Mimicking hand and foot tapping of a rhythmic beat coming from a computer is the method used for ADHD treatment. This treatment is based on the belief that behavioural problems associated with ADHD are caused by deficiency of motor nerves.

Interactive Metronome training is expected to help the patients focus for long periods of time, filter out distractions, and monitoring of physical and mental actions as and when they occur. In a study on 56 boys diagnosed with ADHD, aged between 6 and 12, results from the group that received Interactive Metronome training, one that received video game training and one that did not undergo training were compared. It was found that the group that received Interactive Metronome training registered better attention span, behaviour and motor control.


Bio Feedback Treatment for ADHD

Bio feedback or neurofeedback intervention is a method of ADHD treatment in which the theta and beta waves of the afflicted child’s brain are measured. It is believed that an ADHD afflicted child gives out more than average theta waves but less than average beta waves. So, in this treatment the child’s brain is trained to increase the beta waves and decreasing theta waves.

Out of the four brain waves, alpha (medium), beta (fast), theta (slow), and delta (deep sleep), that EEG detects, scientists can measure wavelength and recognise patterns for treatment. The patient is made to wear a head gear to monitor the brain waves. As the brain waves reach a desired frequency, a signal is sent to the patient’s brain to inform him. With regular practice of this method, the patient is able to increase arousal and emit more beta waves on their own.


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