All Girls Should Pick Up These Habits Before the Twenties Slip By

Updated at: May 13, 2014
All Girls Should Pick Up These Habits Before the Twenties Slip By

Twenties are the perfect decade to set yourself some good habits that'll last a lifetime. Learn some happy and healthy habits here.

Ariba Khaliq
Women's HealthWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: May 13, 2014

Being in your 20s is weird. The decade begins while you're most likely still in college, not able to legally drink... and it ends with you being a full-time adult in the real world, legally able to drink, but not wanting to nearly as much as you did when you were 20. In 10 years you're forced to go from being this adult-child still living under the same roof as your parents to a real live adult maybe living with a partner (maybe even with a child!).

Us girls go through many changes in our 20s, some big and some small. We might be thrown a curve ball like a job offer on the other side of the country. We might receive a surprise like a positive pregnancy test before marriage. Or we might get a fresh, new, unexpected start after breaking up with the guy we thought we were going to be engaged to in a year. But no matter what happens, the small changes remain the same for most of us.

healthy habits

And with these changes, twenties are the perfect decade to set yourself some good habits that'll last a lifetime. Here are the rules for a happier, healthier forever:

Stand Up Straight

Want a way to instantly look more confident and prevent those little aches and pains in your back? Easy: just take note of your posture.
If you're relegated to a desk most of the day, you may find yourself in a habit of sinking down in your chair or hunching your shoulders over the keyboard. Don't give in! Straighten up that back and hold your head high. Trust us, it does wonders for sore muscles and automatically gives you that confident look.

Compliment Someone Every Day

We all love being complimented, even on the little things. Ever heard the phrase what goes around comes around? Put those good vibes out into the world by complimenting someone each and every day.

Floss Twice a Day

You've been told this since you were a child, but it's actually a great habit to get into! Oral health is key to promoting overall physical well being. Keeping those pearly whites clean can help prevent diseases, like gingivitis and gum disease (yuck!), that could cause you some problems down the line.

healthy habits

Vent Your Anger

It's never good to keep your feelings bottled inside, and once you've entered the workforce, your worries will undoubtedly multiply. Find a safe and healthy way to vent that anger and frustration. Maybe try a mixed martial arts class! That way, you can stay fit and take those anxieties out on a punching bag. Not bad, eh?

Laugh Often

Laughter is literally the best form of medicine. The physical act of laughing actually releases endorphins, so it's actually scientifically proven to improve your mood. Try finding the humour in the little things around you, and if you need a little extra motivation to get those giggles going, try this!

Workout on the Regular

This one is naturally a given; keeping your body fit and healthy is key to a happy life. Don't think your workout has to be all sweat and no fun, though!

healthy habits

Drink Smoothies

Put down that fifth cup of coffee and try something new! Cleanses and smoothies are praised for their miraculous healing properties, and while many of these claims are seriously overblown, certain smoothies do have great health benefits. Instead of a smoothie filled with sugar, try one with green ingredients, like kale, avocado, or cucumber which are proven to help your heath.

Have a Bedtime

Are you nodding off at the desk more often than not? Make sure you're getting the right amount of sleep every night by setting a strict bedtime for yourself.

One more thing, don't let your family and best friends slide to the wayside. Sometimes, even family and friendships take a backseat to work and relationships and sleep, but make sure you build time into your schedule to let your closest people know you still care. A girls' night out at the club may be just what the doctor ordered!

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