Alcohol and Obesity trigger Cancer

Updated at: Feb 06, 2014
Alcohol and Obesity trigger Cancer

Alcohol and obesity remain the major diet-related causes of cancer today, while fruit and vegetables - whilst healthy - are not specific cancer deterrents.

Rory Coen
CancerWritten by: Rory CoenPublished at: Jul 11, 2011

Cancer is one of the most dreaded medical conditions to have to deal with. Alcohol and obesity remain the major diet-related causes of cancer today.

Alcohol and Obesity trigger Cancer

A study carried out by a scientist at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Oxford University rubbished suggestions that fruit and vegetables are cancer deterrents. He inferred they are the cornerstone of a healthy and stable diet, but there was no convincing evidence to relate them to cancer prevention.  This report was recently published in the British Cancer Journal.


Obesity and Alcohol

Overweight individuals produce certain hormones which increase the risk of breast cancer for instance, and their bulk can also induce bowel, pancreatic, esophageal and kidney cancer. They need to seriously look into ways of reducing their weight, be it on a dietary level or getting more exercise into their daily routine.

Alcohol is harmless when it is taken in moderation; the recommendation being a maximum of one small drinks a day for women and two for men. However, overindulgence is risking another set of cancers, such as mouth, breast, liver, throat and bowel.  The continual breakdown of excessive amounts of alcohol has a traumatic effect on many organs in the body, leaving them susceptible over time.

The affects of smoking are well documented and remain the biggest single cause of cancer today. Sara Hiom – at Cancer Research UK - says that kicking this particular habit is the best cancer prevention tactic you can employ, but keeping a check on your weight and on your drinking can also be a productive repellent.

Fruit and Vegetables

Many believe eating more fruit and vegetables help dodge cancer. However, it should stand to reason that fruit and vegetables – the cornerstone of a stable diet – would help you maintain a healthy weight and counter the effects of obesity, and thus repel the chances of acquiring cancer.

So whilst a stable diet of fruit and vegetables may not explicitly save you from cancer, there is a chance they are working inherently to fight it off by keeping you at a healthy weight and reducing any other side-effects which might trigger its insemination in the body cells. After all, obesity is related to your diet.

You can prevent most forms of cancer by making some basic lifestyle changes, such as exercising and eating healthy, avoiding sun exposure and avoiding smoking.  Gaining unhealthy weight slows the body down and interferes with the body's ability to fight off something like cancer. Make positive lifestyle changes to minimise your risk of developing cancer.




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