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Akshay Kumar shares how to look best in different occasions

Fashion & Beauty By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Oct 18, 2016
Akshay Kumar shares how to look best in different occasions

Akshay Kumar’s stitched style has since forever swooned his female fans. And, his style secrets are no more a secret. Don your best look with the help of these tips from the Khiladi himself.

Akshay Kumar’s stitched style has since forever swooned his female fans.  His fashion sense has always had an effect on the box office irrespective of the film’s genre. With such wide accolade, it makes total sense to bring to our readers the khiladi’s style tips for different occasions. So, go ahead and thank us. We guarantee using his tips won’t burn your pockets.


For a casual outdoor look

casual look by akshay kumar


On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you do not want to rummage through a dump of everyday casuals. For such a day, you should trust Akshay’s look in the movie Holiday. The classic aviator glasses and a vest over casual shirt can give quite a pricey look. Besides, good news for lazy men is that the shirt can do without ironing and still look pristinely neat. To complete the look, wear a pair of khaki shorts and sneakers. You could also wear a pair of cargo pant if you wish to do away with the shorts.


For a party

party look by akshay kumar


Long gone are the days when grown men could walk into a party with a summer cardigan and tan boots without inviting raised brows. A classy waistcoat is a timeless party wear that needs to be complimented by the right tie.  Wear the waist coat over a casual, light-colored shirt and wear formal pants and formal shoes to get the perfect look that Akshay has worn in several movies.


To get the “dude look”

akshay kumar dude look


Try this look when you travel; it is cool, casual and can grab quite a few eye balls. All you need is a hat, a muffler, a pair of sneakers or sport shoes and vest. This will not be a problem for most men because every man owns a pair of shorts and cool shoes. Make sure you get the right hat that does not grab too much attention.


Try these looks and let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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