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Advances in Dentistry for Beauty Enhancement

Updated at: Sep 15, 2010
Dental Health
Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Sep 15, 2010
Advances in Dentistry for Beauty Enhancement

Teeth enhance the beauty of our face. If teeth are clean, even in shape, and compactly placed, one can flash a million dollar smile.

Teeth enhance the beauty of our face. If teeth are clean, even in shape, and compactly placed, one can flash a million dollar smile. But if teeth are not in a perfect condition, one shies away from smiling, laughing or even talking before friends, seniors and members of the opposite sex. This leads to emotional inferiority complex and can sometimes even cause depression.
Latest technology has come to the rescue. Almost any problem can be solved with the help of new technology and tools. Common problems which can lead to embarrassment are:


Discoloured Teeth: Teeth can be discoloured yellow to brown to black due to various reasons. While some degree of stain can go with repeated cleaning of teeth, now days, bleaching methods for teeth whitening are available. If discolouration is fast due to inherent defect of teeth structure, crowns can be placed on the teeth to provide natural white colour.
Gaps Between Teeth: Sometimes there are wide gaps (diastema) between teeth which look ugly. Food particles get lodged in the gaps and cause discomfort and pain. These gaps can be filled with the help of latest technology and sparkling white teeth can be produced which are even more beautiful than the original tooth.


Many times an injury or incomplete RCT leads to fragile, broken and black tooth which spoils the beauty of the face. This tooth can be converted into a beautiful shining tooth with suitable prosthesis.


Overgrown Gums: Sometimes gums become swollen and enlarged and can partly cover the teeth. This leads to pain and bleeding while eating. Such gums can be reduced and brought to normal shape and colour by gingivectomy and flap operation.


Uneven crooked teeth or mal-alignment of jaws: Many times the teeth are not properly aligned and override each other. Sometimes there is disproportionate growth of upper or lower jaws leading to gaps between them. Such cases can be corrected and brought in alignment with the help of orthodontic treatment.


Missing Teeth: If teeth are lost due to any reason, these can be replaced with the help of partial denture or bridge. However the latest method of tooth replacement is by dental implants which give long lasting natural tooth which is fixed. It does not require cutting of adjacent healthy teeth as in the case of bridge.


Full Denture: The full dentures provided normally for edentulous (tooth less) jaws have to be removed at night and cleaned. Sometimes the dentures fall down and break in to pieces. But by latest technique of dental implants, implant supported full dentures can be provided which works as fixed normal teeth and does not have to be removed.


All the treatment modalities are available at the ultramodern multi-speciality dental clinic. Dental Care and Implant Centre is already providing services to thousands of patients for the past 15 years in Noida under the leadership of Dr. Ratish Chandra, MDS, FISOI. Dr.  Ratish Chandra is the President of Indian Dental Association, South Delhi Branch and has organised a highly successful national conference in the field of oral implantology. He is leading a team of five senior dental surgeons and is available for consultation at his clinic at B-6, Sector-27, Noida and can be contacted on phone numbers 0120-2550694, 4333904, 9899846186.     



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