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Acupuncture for treating Mental Health Disorders

Updated at: Feb 06, 2013
Acupuncture for treating Mental Health Disorders

Today acupuncture is been largely use for alleviating mental disorders and in curing the root cause of the problem. Acupuncture simply corrects the imbalance in body’s internal environment.

Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 06, 2013

Most of us would have dealt with major upheavals or emotional distress at some time or other in our lives. These events can resolve without a major problem or it can trigger emotional and behavioral alterations ranging from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or disruptions in sleep pattern and eating habits. Experts on acupuncture believe that acupuncture does not only alleviate symptoms of mental health issues, but can cure the root cause of the problem as well by helping to correct the imbalance in the body’s internal environment.


What are Mental Health Disorders?


Mental health disorder is a condition which can affect a person’s though process, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others, and daily functioning----this reduces the person’s ability to cope with the ordinary demands of life. Some of the serious mental illnesses are depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and borderline personality disorder. But most of the mental disorders can be treated successfully and often complete recovery is possible.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders


According to experts on acupuncture mental illness occurs in person due to imbalance of energy within the body.  The imbalance is caused due to an excess or deficiency of yin and yang---this results in disruption of the flow of qi or energy in the body.


The Acupuncture Treatment


Acupuncture aims to restore and maintain health by stimulation of specific points on human body by insertion of needles. These points are called the acupuncture points and there are hundreds of acupuncture points in human body. These points are located along the body's 14 major meridians, or energy-carrying channels.


According to experts on acupuncture an illness is caused by a disruption of Qi, or the flow of energy in the body. This leads to an imbalance of energy. Acupuncture by stimulation of the energy that flows along the meridians, or energy-carrying channels can correct this energy disruption and restore health.


Before starting acupuncture treatment the acupuncturists will take a detailed history and examine you. Acupuncture points for treating emotional and physical effects of mental health disorders are located all over the body. Your acupuncturists will choose the acupuncture points based on your history and examination findings.


When the needle is inserted you will feel a slight sting or prick. After the needle is inserted, you should not feel any pain. During the treatment you should feel comfortable and relaxed. If you have pain, numbness, or discomfort, tell your acupuncturist about it immediately. The usual length of treatment is about 10 to 30 minutes—you be called for acupuncture treatment one or two times a week. Your acupuncturist can guide you regarding the number of treatments you need and how often you should come for them.

The bottom line


Acupuncture is a low-risk, safe and effective procedure when performed by a properly trained and licensed practitioner. Some studies have shown that acupuncture can be of help in treating people with mental health issues.




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