Acupressure Points to Avoid Miscarriage

Updated at: Mar 06, 2012
Acupressure Points to Avoid Miscarriage

Acupressure points to avoid miscarriage - Know about acupressure as a means of preventing miscarriage and also get an understanding of the basics of this healing technique.

Pratima Sharma
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Lady on bedThe most common complication risk involved during early pregnancy is miscarriage. A termination of pregnancy within the first twenty weeks of gestation or at a stage where the foetus is unable to survive independently often causes serious mental and sometimes physical trauma to the mother.


Understanding Acupressure

The ancient science of acupressure which rests on the understanding that certain points on the human body need to be stimulated to alleviate pain, cure and prevent diseases, holds promise for studies on ways to prevent miscarriage.  Pregnant women are advised to avoid the stimulation of certain acupressure points while other points are given increased acupressure to benefit the pregnancy. Despite facing resistance in its initial phases, this technique is now fast gaining acceptance as its benefits and clearly positive implications have been observed in trials.

Acupressure as a Means to Prevent Miscarriage

The principle of acupressure is that the human body is made of energy. There are specific points which are the centre of all forces. These are the points that need to be stimulated, rejuvenated and invigorated to facilitate free flow of energy.

  • Acupressure treatment for pregnant women is generally initiated in the first week through to the twelfth. It is beneficial for mothers to be as it facilitates absorption of nutrients and hormones, cutting down the risk of miscarriage.
  • Capitalising on what the body is already doing right, acupressure points encourage correct positioning of the baby, promote lactation and reduce post-partum pain. In fact, there are points which can be stimulated in order to induce labour naturally.
  • A point located at the top of the head on the skull is actually one of the acupressure points to prevent miscarriage and stop bleeding.
  • However, there are certain points that an acupressure practitioner must avoid on a pregnant lady. While dull pressure is ok, pinpoint pressuring must be avoided at all times.
  • Acupressure points near ankles, the SP6 located at three fingers’ width above the ankle and Hegu on the hand should be avoided under all circumstances. If manipulated, this point can lead to preterm contractions, resulting in premature birth.
  • Points on the lower abdomen and lower back should be avoided to prevent any injury to the foetus.

While acupressure is essentially an alternate form of treatment, it isn’t always beneficial. There have been cases in which manipulation of certain acupressure points has actually led to miscarriage. Therefore, it is always advisable that expert medical opinion is sought and only qualified and experienced acupressure experts should be allowed to take care of a pregnant woman.


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