Acupressure Points for Full Body Pain Relief

Updated at: Dec 06, 2018
Acupressure Points for Full Body Pain Relief

Are you consuming too many pills to treat different body aches? Try acupressure techniques and get rid of body pain. Know different pressure points and when to use them.

Varsha Vats
AyurvedaWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Dec 06, 2018

Acupressure is a technique in which physical pressure is applied on different of points on the body. This physical pressure can help you treat various diseases and will promote overall health and wellness. These points on the body respond to the energy that is implied on them. When the pressure is applied endorphins, which is a group of hormones that reduce pain and increase the flow of blood and oxygen. It also relaxes the muscles and prevents illness. It involves fingers, palms and elbows to apply pressure. There are certain pressure points which can help you fight pain in different parts of the body. It is the most natural way to treat body pain. Here are some acupressure techniques which can help you fight full body pain. 

For headache and stress

Headache is a very common condition. You might be taking different painkillers to treat headaches. it can be effectively treated with acupressure techniques. To get rid of the pain all you need to do is press your third eye point with your middle finger for a minute. Third eyepoint is the area between your eyebrows. Press it for a minute. Do not press it too hard, apply gentle pressure only. It will help you ease the pain and reduce stress as well. It will also relieve fatigue and improve memory and concentration.

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For neck and shoulder pain

It is known as joining the valley. This pressure point will help you treat a toothache, constipation, neck and shoulder pain. It is situated between the thumb and the index finger. You can press the point or massage it for a minute. It will also help you treat arthritis pain.

For digestive health

It is called the leg three-mile point. This point is located around 1.5 inches below the knee. All you need to do place your one leg on a chair or table and press the point for about one minute. This pressure point is helpful in improving digestion. It treats vomiting and nausea. It will also relieve stomach ache, bloating and constipation. Just make sure that you place your leg on a surface and bend your knee while pressing the point.

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For migraine and eye fatigue

If you are suffering from migraine, acupressure can help you treat it effectively. To treat migraine you need to press the points located at the corner of the eyes towards the ears. Press or massage these points for one minute. It will also reduce eye fatigue and stress. You can also ask someone else to press these pressure points while you can relax.

For knee and arthritis pain

This point is situated at the back of your knee. You can press or massage these points on the backside of your both knees for one minute. It will help you treat knee pain or pain in hips or back. It can also cure arthritis pain. Regular massage can eliminate arthritis pain for a longer period of time.

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