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Acupressure for Emotional Healing

Updated at: Mar 06, 2012
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Written by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Dec 08, 2011
Acupressure for Emotional Healing

Non Surgical Treatments - Acupressure benefits in emotional healing. It is used for eliminating negative emotional impulses by putting pressure on certain points.

Acupressure for emotional healing

Acupressure is an ancient healing technique which was propounded by the Chinese when they accidentally stumbled upon the fact that putting pressure on some points on the palm relieved pain. This form of alternative treatment is also being increasingly used for emotional healing purposes. Specifically, acupressure for emotional healing is most suited to eliminate negative emotional impulses. It either unveils the trauma or removes the negativity completely from the system.


Understanding How Acupressure benefits Emotional Healing

It is important to understand how acupressure techniques work, before you can cunderstand how it enhances emotional healing. Some of the facts mentioned below will provide relevant information for better understanding.

  • The points for pressure are the ones where pain and tension accumulates. As these points are pressed for stimulation, the pressure eventually conquers the muscle tension. This causes the muscle fibers to distend and relax. This naturally promotes enhanced circulation of bioelectrical energy and blood. Hence, you experience a greater sense of well being, health and harmony.
  • For emotional balance and holistic health, it is extremely essential to charge the body with positive energy as and when possible. Lack of vital energy could most often lead to a feeling of meloncholy. The points where pressure is administered possess electrical conductivity. This has been proved with the help of sophisticated gadgets. When we provide stimulation at these points, the energy flows right across the system, healing a person mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Most of us aren’t aware of the fact that the acupressure points are connected with other vital organs of the body through meridians. These meridians supply energy also to the limbic brain which is the source of all emotions we generate. Healing energy is transmitted through the organs of the body with the help of these medians. Regular emotional distresses and turbulences prevent the energy from circulating through the system. Therefore, tension accumulates at the pressure points, causing problems. With the chronic built up of stress, several problems in the body might occur. These would include decrease in circulation of blood, a sense of tightness in the chest making breathing difficult and so on. There are certain acupressure centres on the chest which can be tapped for immediate relief. This can reduce the pain immediately and release depression as well.
  • For effective emotional healing, the specific pressure points need to be known. You can approach a professional for the same. Common emotional or psychic problems which can be tackled with the help of acupressure would include mood swings, incest, phobias, panic attacks, anger, abuse, anxiety, jealousy, self-doubt and so on.

The biggest advantage associated with acupressure techniques is that, they are totally free from side effects. Nothing apart from a pair of expert hands would be used in the healing process. Since, medicinal consumption isn’t required, you can resort to it as and when you think you must.


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