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    Can you Entirely Rely on your Home Pregnancy Tests?

    Pregnancy By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 04, 2013
    Can you Entirely Rely on your Home Pregnancy Tests?

    Various types of home pregnancy test kits are available. These one-step kits are considered the most convenient to use, but find out how accurate are these?

    Accuracy of Various Home Pregnancy Test Kits

    Home pregnancy test kits are based on finding the level of human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG level, also called the pregnancy hormone, in a urine sample. If the instructions are followed exactly, the accuracy of various home pregnancy test kits is reliable enough, but you do need to confirm it with a blood test in a clinic.


    There are basically two types of home pregnancy tests:

    • Stick test – These tests involve making use of test strips on which you are required to pass a stream of urine or dip the strip into a sample of urine. A specific area of the test strip or dipstick changes colour if there is presence of hCG, indicating that you are pregnant.
    • Cup test – In this type of pregnancy test, urine sample is collected either in a cup in which the pregnancy testing device is dipped, or the device itself has a well in which you need to fill with a few drops of your urine. This device would have a specified area that would change colour to indicate the presence of hCG, thus show that you are pregnant.

    You need to buy a pregnancy test kit that is known for being reliable in giving accurate results. Do make sure that all the instructions given in the pregnancy test are understood well by you before trying to test.

    Bear in mind that the home pregnancy test kits’ accuracy is variable depending on the result you obtained. If you tested positive, you can be fairly sure about the result of the test, although even this does not rule out a different result when you take a blood test at a clinic. In case the test is found to be negative, the possibility of pregnancy can still not be ruled out. This is because at times the level of hCG is too low to be detected by the home pregnancy tests.


    However accurate home pregnancy test you may use, if the instructions on the label are not followed properly, or if you are not able to find a test which can detect hCG level which is in your blood at present, the subsequent blood test for pregnancy can show a different result. At times following instructions can be confusing as the lines indicating pregnancy can be too faded and difficult to identify. To sort out this problem, digital pregnancy home tests are also available these days which give a digital reading about whether you are pregnant or not.


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