Accuracy of Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

Updated at: Aug 31, 2013
Accuracy of Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

The accuracy of Clear Blue Easy Digital Test that are meant for pregnancy depends on how well you follow the instructions on the label of the test and the sensitivity of the test kit.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
PregnancyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jun 25, 2012

accuracy level of clear blue testTesting for pregnancy is as exciting for some women as it is overwhelming for other women. When testing for pregnancy through the clear blue easy digital pregnancy test, it is important to start by the feeling that the test will offer accurate and easy to understand results. Unlike the traditional forms of home pregnancy test kits that left the interpretation of results up to the individual, clear blue easy digital pregnancy test kit gives the result directly.


Accuracy of the Test

Although, the Clear Blue Easy Digital Test like others claims to be 99 per cent accurate and can be used to test for pregnancy right on the first day of the missed period. According to MayoClinic, one must wait longer to be sure and confident about the results.


Clarity of the Results


One of the benefits of using a digital home pregnancy test kit is its clarity of results. Unlike in the case of traditional forms of home pregnancy tests that were likely to have the reader misread the results, the digital tests give the results clearly. If the results of a test are accurate and misread by the woman, she may not be able to get prenatal care that is required at the time of pregnancy. The digital test clearly spells out whether a woman is pregnant or not pregnant.



The Clear Blue Easy Digital Test is highly sensitive to the hCG hormone. It can pick about 25 mIU of the hormone, which in comparison with other digital home pregnancy test kits is average. There are some home pregnancy test kits that can pick even 20 mIU of the hormone in the urine.



The accuracy of a home pregnancy test kit partially depends on the time you take the test. Considering that every pregnancy test kit is designed to pick the hCG hormone from the urine, one must give special attention to the time the test is done to acquire accurate results. The best time to test for pregnancy with a digital home pregnancy test is in the morning when the urine is not diluted. Keeping a track of the menstrual cycle is important to know when the right time is to test for pregnancy. For instance, if a woman tests for pregnancy a week before her menstrual cycle because of her miscalculations, she may end up deriving a negative result because of the lack of enough hCG in the urine.


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