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About Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

Miscellaneous By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Oct 12, 2012
About Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

About Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery— It is an unconventional method of treating prostate cancer which offers unmatched advantages as compared to   the standard procedure of removing the cancerous cells from the cancer affected pr

Robotic surgery or robotic prostatectomy is a form of prostate cancer surgery done by a surgeon with the help of Advanced Robotic Technique (ART), which uses a robot. The robotic machine is equipped with 3-D HD vision, scaling of movements and wristed instrumentation. Also called da Vinci surgery, robotic prostate cancer surgery is an unconventional method of treating cancer, which is yet not available in all the hospitals.

How Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery is conducted

The prostate cancer surgery is a robot-assisted process and does not require any direct mechanical contact between the surgeon and his patient. The doctor works on a computer console to develop a sequence of surgical steps required to remove the cancerous mass from the prostate. The doctor has a 3-D view of the operating field.


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How does the Surgeon perform the Robotic Surgery

While viewing the 3-D images of the surgery, the surgeon instructs and manipulates the robotic machine using the computer console. The Advanced Robotic Technique translates the instructions of the surgeon into movements of the microsurgical instruments of the robotic machine in the patient’s body to perform the complex prostate cancer surgery.


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Benefits of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Minimal bleeding.
  • Faster rate of recovery.
  • Lower blood transfusion rates.
  • Smaller incisions that cut the risk of contracting infections.
  • Lesser blood loss in comparison to conventional prostate cancer surgery.
  • Minimal scarring.
  • Reduced pain.
  • Control over urinary and faecal discharge even after the surgery.
  • Significantly lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction.


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  • 3-D visualisation of the cancer site providing a clear picture of how the surgery progresses.
  • It is easy for the surgeon to assess the different organs, tissues and nerves of the body.


Demerits of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

  • No human touch.
  • Expensive to conduct the surgery.
  • Post-surgery treatment is expensive.
  • Many surgical instruments used in one surgery have to be replaced with new ones adding to the cost of the surgery.
  • The availability of the technology is an issue.


Robotic Surgery versus Standard Laparoscopic Surgery

Robotic prostatectomy has unmatched advantages over the standard surgical process of operating prostate cancer. Take a look at why robotic surgery is a better option for treating prostate cancer.

  • The microsurgical instruments on the robot machine allow much more unconventional movements in the patient’s body to precisely assess the cancer site and its surrounding structures.
  • The camera of robotic machine serves two purposes, namely, it provides a detailed high definition 3-D picture of the cancer affected site , which can be magnified up to 10 times.
  • Tremors and shakes of a hand in a standard surgery are filtered out, thus  offering tremor free movements of the instruments.
  • The biggest benefit of opting for robotic surgery is to reduce the  risk of impotency, which is significantly high in the case of laparoscopic surgery due to the chances of nerve damage during the surgery.


There are numerous hospitals in the most prominent cities of India— Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi that are equipped with robotic prostate cancer surgery technique along with other world class healthcare facilities.

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