About Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Updated at: Jul 12, 2011
About Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Beauty Treatments & Body Surgeries - Cosmetic surgery might be an easy option for people today, but there is no dearth of cases where plastic surgery has gone wrong. Botched up nose jobs, and irregular raw replacement surgeries are just some e

Pratima Sharma
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Jul 12, 2011

old womanPlastic surgery has slowly made its way into the lives of those who would like to make suitable changes in their appearances and are prepared to pay for it. However, while contemplating a plastic surgery for the desired look, cases about plastic surgery gone wrong are sure to cross your mind. The internet is flooded with examples of cosmetic jobs which have gone terribly wrong, resulting in some of the grossest outcomes. Such outcomes can truly scare you into dropping the idea of going under the knife altogether. However, not all plastic jobs go bad. There are ample instances which establish their effectiveness in transforming looks for the better, with some of them actually yielding splendid results. Actually, a lot depends on you, when you plan to adopt surgical methods for enhancement of any kind.


You need to remember that the “going wrong” part does not entirely depend on your surgeon; you may be equally responsible for it. This is a commercially driven world and you need to be extremely careful before giving in to offers which appear unusually tempting. Making an intelligent choice is always a safe bet. Some of the aspects which warrant your attention are listed below:


  • Always remember, that a plastic surgery is not akin to applying make-up. It stays with you through the rest of your life. This is a proper surgical process which will cause some pain, will require you to take leave from work, will have you admitted in the hospital and will also take sufficient time to heal properly as you recuperate. So, any surgeon who uses terms such as “no pain”, “no leaves”, “instant solutions” are probably the ones who are responsible for plastic jobs which go grossly wrong. These claims are nothing but advertising gimmicks which lose their steam pretty soon. So next time you come across terms such as “no bruising” and “no swelling”; steer clear.
  • It is extremely important to do your homework well before attempting to select a suitable surgeon for your cosmetic job. Ask your friends and relatives for references of experienced surgeons. See some samples of their work. This will be a great way to ensure interaction with former patients and check on their experiences. You also need to check on the professional experiences, credentials and past record of the doctor in question, in terms of the cases handled which are identical to yours. You also need to find out if he has any past records of plastic jobs which might have gone awfully wrong. If it is not possible to meet as many patients in person, you may ask for “before” and “after” pictures to ensure that the surgeon has been able to deliver sustained positive results throughout.


It is always better to look into plastic surgery jobs gone wrong, before going under the knife. This approach will keep you on your toes.


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