About Panchakarma Therapy

Updated at: Sep 14, 2011
About Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma therapy works by flushing the toxins from your body. Panchakarma (means five therapies) is the ayurvedic procedure to cleanse the body of toxic materials accumulated in the body due to disease and/or poor nutrition.

Dr Poonam Sachdev
AyurvedaWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Jun 10, 2011

Panchakarma TreatmentAccording to ayurveda all diseases are the direct manifestation of one's mental and physical condition caused due to accumulation of disease causing toxins in the body. Panchakarma (means five therapies) is the ayurvedic procedure to cleanse the body of toxic materials accumulated in the body due to disease and/or poor nutrition. Panchkarma therapy by cleansing the toxins from the body helps you to re-achieve balance of the three doshas (the three energies that govern all biological functions) and longevity. The 5 therapeutic ways of removing toxins from a person’s body are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana. This alternative therapy had yeilded positive results for many.




Vamana is medicated induction of vomiting (medicated emesis therapy). It is done to remove kapha toxins collected in the body and the respiratory tract. It is beneficial for people with bronchial asthma, chronic allergies, hay fever, vitiligo, psoriasis, hyperacidity, chronic indigestion nasal congestion, edema, obesity, psychological disorders, and skin disorders.


Virechana (Purgation)


Virechana the medicated purgation therapy is performed to remove pitta toxins from the body collected in the liver and gallbladder. Virechana is a safe therapy which completely cleans the gastrointestinal tract. This therapy is beneficial for removing several diseases such as chronic fever, diabetes, asthma, and also skin disorders such as herpes, paraplegia, hemiplegic joint disorders, digestive disorders, constipation, hyperacidity, vitiligo, psoriasis, headaches, elephantiasis and gynaecological disorders.


Basti (Enema or Colonic Irrigation)


Basti (Enema) cleans the accumulated toxins of all the 3 doshas; vata, pitta and kapha, via the colon. It is considered as the best of all panchakarma treatments as the accumulated toxins from all the 3 doshas are removed from your body. The therapy is considered to be beneficial for several conditions such as hemiplegia, paraplegia, colitis, convalescence, cervical spondylosis, irritable bowel syndrome constipation, digestive disorders, backache & sciatica, hepatomegaly & splenomegaly, obesity, piles, sexual debility and infertility. The therapy may be given for 8 to 30 days based on the medical condition.


Nasya (Nose Cleaning)


In this therapy, medicated oil is administered through the nose with the aim to clean the accumulated kapha toxins from the head and neck region. The therapy may be given for up to 30 days based on the medical condition of the patient. Nasya therapy is considered to be beneficial for several conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia, Bell’s palsy, insomnia, improvement of memory and eye sight, elimination of excess mucus hyper pigmentation in the face, and pre-mature greying of hair. It also provides clarity to voice, relieves one from headaches of various origins, loss of smell and taste, frozen shoulder, migraine, stiffness of the neck, nasal allergies nasal polyp, neurological dysfunctions, paraplegia, and sinusitis.




Raktamokshana is done to clean the blood (it is performed only occasionally on some patients) and is not usually done during general panchakarma therapy.


Ayurveda considers that as a cloth needs to be cleaned, the also body needs to be purified so that it can be filled with new colours of youthfulness, health, and vigour. Panchakarma is useful to clean the body and is helpful to cure deep seated diseases. It is found to be beneficial for maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of a person.

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