About 70% Women Unable To Manage Diabetes, Rely On Self-care: Portea Medical

Updated at: Nov 11, 2019
About 70% Women Unable To Manage Diabetes, Rely On Self-care: Portea Medical

Portea’s comprehensive findings from a study of over 12,000 patients indicate willingness in women to follow health recommendations. Need is to counsel both men and women on all aspects of diabetes

Vani Malik
LatestWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Nov 11, 2019

Diabetes is a leading health concern in India and across the globe. A recent analysis of over 12,000 diabetes patients by Portea Medical, India-based consumer healthcare brand, has revealed that men outnumber women exponentially when it comes to selecting a diabetes care plan. The findings are based on the patients on Portea’s In Control programme and reveal that even the tech-savvy women deprioritize their health. About 70% of them are unable to manage their diet due to busy schedules.

Study Proceedings

diabetes care and women

Women also seem to join the program at a relatively more advanced stage compared to men, The average fasting blood glucose level (FBS) for men who opted for the program was 155 while that for women stood at 165. The maximum engagement from women came from Karnataka (16%), followed by Kerala (13%).

Speaking about this, Meena Ganesh, Managing Director and CEO, Portea Medical, said, “We have seen some interesting trends emerge from patient behaviour. Of the people who are joining the programme, most have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes and are seeking a solution to manage their conditions without impacting their lives and livelihood. Even though the percentage of women is far less than that of the men, women on the program are far more compliant than their male counterparts. They attend their counselling calls, follow their diets and are always ready with their parameters to be discussed in their scheduled calls."

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Study Findings

diabetes study

The findings also indicate that about 47% of the women patients were suffering from diabetes for more than 5 years compared to 35% men. However, it is encouraging that about 30% of women with diabetes are serious about following the doctor’s recommendations and indicated that they are keen to gather maximum information on how to manage it. There is thus a need to counsel and handhold them to ensure that they understand the intimal impacts of the disease.

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Challenges Encountered

The study also found some problems around the lack of access to diabetes management programmes such as poor connectivity, rescheduling of counselling calls, and lack of knowledge on how to use devices to monitor their condition. Many patients in the study believed that managing diabetes is more of a function of diet and exercise and less of medical supervision. About 74% of the patients in the program used the glucometer for the first time after joining the program.

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