Aborting a Baby with Down Syndrome

Updated at: May 19, 2015
Aborting a Baby with Down Syndrome

Understand Down Syndrome - You need to look at all the circumstances when deciding to abort your unborn with Down Syndrome.

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Aborting a Baby with Down SyndromeDown Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality which leads to cognitive impairment and stunted physical growth. It can also be responsible for other diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux, sleep apnea, cardiovascular illnesses and ear infections. The presence of the disease can be detected in an unborn foetus with the help of genetic tests. In case the disease is detected, most women opt to abort a baby with Down Syndrome. The idea is to impart freedom to the child from a life of incompleteness and severe restrictions.


Aborting a Baby with Down Syndrome — Some Basic Facts

Although abortion seems like a logical decision to take under the given circumstances, it would be advisable to look at several aspects of it. Following facts can help in understanding the process:

  1. To begin with, always remember that a genetic testing process is mandatory for all expectant mothers. No matter what your age is and in which month of your pregnancy you are, you must always opt for a test. There is no point in trying to avert the inevitable. In case your child is suffering from Down’s Syndromethe earlier you know, the better.
  2. In case Down Syndrome has been detected in your unborn foetus,your doctor would most likely suggest aborting a baby with Down Syndrome. But ultimately the decision solely resides with you.
  3. Abortion would definitely be a more practical decision to opt for. Bringing up a child with such serious disabilities could be a daunting affair for the mother. Moreover, the child would also continue to suffer the aftermath of severe restrictions, all his life. Therefore, enduring the one time trauma of ending the pregnancy would be wiser than stretching it to a lifelong penance.
  4. Abortion could at the same time, have serious psychological repercussions. Some women may develop extreme attachment with their unborn baby and abortion could devastate them completely and majorly emotionally. In such cases, one could seek the assistance of pregnancy counsellors to deal with the particular mental state. If there are still problems, reconsidering the decision of aborting a Down Syndrome baby would perhaps be advisable.

There are no answers to whether aborting a baby with Down Syndrome stands justified or not. It would be essentially case specific. There are parents who have been nurturing their disabled kids with pride. In case you aren’t ready to abort, you could learn a few lessons from them and proceed to parenthood.


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