A Vacation Can Keep Your Heart Healthy Says Study

Updated at: Jun 24, 2019
A Vacation Can Keep Your Heart Healthy Says Study

Working all day? A vacation might help you fight cardiovascular diseases says study. So now you have more reasons to go for a vacation. 

Varsha Vats
LatestWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Jun 24, 2019

The increased stress and deadlines at work are major contributors to various chronic diseases. One needs to practice such activities which can lead to reduced stress. As per a new study, a vacation might help you.

Travelling is relaxing and a lot of people love traveling. Travelling offers new experiences and adventures which are thoroughly enjoyed by people. A vacation can give you the required energy and enthusiasm required to work efficiently.

The study was published in the Psychology and Health journal. The study explained that the people who go on vacation are at a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. The vacation was considered beneficial as it reduces metabolic symptoms.

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“What we found is that people who went on vacation more frequently in the past 12 months have a lowered risk for metabolic syndrome and metabolic symptoms,” Bryce Hruska, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, US, said,

“Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. If you have more of them you are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease. This is important because we are actually seeing a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease the more vacationing a person does. Because metabolic symptoms are modifiable, it means they can change or be eliminated,” Hruska added.

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For the study 63 employees who enjoyed a vacation were examined. The participants underwent various blood tests and were also interviewed about their behaviour. The study continued for 12 long months.

The study concluded that the risk of metabolic syndrome reduced by a quarter with each additional vacation taken by the participants.

“One of the important takeaways is that vacation time is available to nearly 80 percent of full-time employees, but fewer than half utilize all the time available to them. Our research suggests that if people use more of this benefit, one that’s already available to them, it would translate into a tangible health benefit,” Hruska concluded.

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