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A Beginner’s Guide To Military Diet

Updated at: Dec 26, 2018
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Written by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Dec 26, 2018
A Beginner’s Guide To Military Diet

Military diet is a strict and short-term diet that requires a person to control their calorie intake. In this diet, a person is supposed to be on a 3-day strict diet and then need to take 4-day off the diet. 


Have you been looking to switch to a new diet? And have you been scrolling down the internet to find one that suits you? Military Diet is a new diet trending these days that help shed kilos in no time. 

What is this Military Diet? 

Military diet is a strict and short-term diet that requires a person to control their calorie intake. In this diet, a person is supposed to be on a 3-day strict diet and then need to take 4-day off the diet. 

But the word “military” is not associated with a boot camp regimen, there is nothing of this sort is required in this diet. There is no exercise required but only a healthy diet. 

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How Does Military Diet Work? 

In a 7-day period, it is split into two sections, wherein a person is required to follow a set low-calorie meal plan for each of the meals without snacking in between. The calorie intake is roughly between 1100 and 1400 calories per day for 3 days and for the rest of the 4 days, a person is supposed to eat healthy – a low-calorie diet. 

What Can You Eat?

To get the best results, you need to follow the plan with full dedication and without cheating. Your meals will include: 

For breakfast 

  • 1 slice toast 
  • 2 tablespoon peanut butter 
  • 1 cup of tea or coffee 
  • ½ breakfast 

For dinner

  • 1 cup for broccoli 
  • A half cup of carrots 
  • Half banana 
  • Two hot dogs without buns 
  • Half a cup of vanilla ice-cream 

You can have water or black coffee but no carbonated drinks or alcohol. Stick to the diet as much as you can and if you have any food allergies then you must be careful before going on a diet. 

Drawbacks of Military Diet 

There is no denying that the military diet helps to lose weight rapidly but it is definitely a crash diet. Crash diets are temporary diets but it is a short-term diet so if you want to go for it, you must contact a professional before you actually go for it. A temporary diet can have temporary results. 

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Other Things you can Inculcate in your Daily Routine

Exercise: Add 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. You can do moderate to intense activities by challenging yourself and this will definitely help you tone your body. 

Take the stairs: Instead of the elevator, try climbing up the stairs to be fit. 

Do mild exercises even while watching tv: This is the best way to have the best of both worlds – watch your favourite show while doing some mild exercises such as crunches, leg raise, etc. 

Move around in the house: Do household chores such as dusting, vacuuming, etc. This will help clean your house and will also help you keep fit.

Go for a walk or run: Going for a walk or a run can never go wrong, o why not do it. Do it every day along the diet to see better results. 

Be active on your vacations: Vacations are to chill but you can be a little active as well – something like parking your car a little far from your destination so that you can walk to it. 

Don’t sit for long hours: Sitting for long hours in a day can lead to many health problems, so it is better to keep moving even if you have a sitting job. Look for excuses to move around.

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