7 Daily Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Updated at: Feb 16, 2018
7 Daily Habits that Will Make You Healthier

Small changes in your life can bring about a lot of changes. Here are seven such changes that will make your life healthier and better. They are easy to follow, find out!

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Feb 15, 2018

Daily habits can make a lot of difference to you and can make your life harmonious. There are some very small changes that can bring you to a lot of positivity in your life and bring you peace and prosperity, both in terms of mental and physical being.
Healthy habits can bring a lot of changes in your life and create more balance and better health in your lives. These are very practical and simple rules to be followed that do not require any special skill as such. These rules are very easy to follow and therefore you should not have any problem in following them, here are seven of these daily habits.

Start Day with Positivity

It is very important that you view yourself on a positive note and therefore you should start your day on a positive note. Make yourself believe that your life is beautiful and that you will have plenty of opportunities to succeed and be happy. You should make yourself believe that you are going to do great and make yourself proud. Drink a fresh cup of tea or coffee and eat a good breakfast, and you will be looking forward to a great day.

Take Shower

It is essential that you wake up every morning and go for a nice bath. When you take bath you clean yourself and touch your own skin, it is very necessary to touch your skin on a regular basis. Do not rush through the process but instead go easy and slow on your body and enjoy the bath. Use a good soap or body wash that has a nice smell as this would make you feel good about your body and your personality in general.

Listen to Music

Your daily life is full of busy work, and amidst all of this, it would be great if you listen to music, especially slow and soothing ones. Listen to music every day, just take some time off and enjoy good music. Get some classic western classical or folk, or country so jazz or anything that you like, but please do make sure that you are treating yourself to some good soothing music.

Drink Tea Instead of Coffee

Many people think that drinking endless cups of coffee is good for them for whichever reason. But it will definitely affect your sleep and will add stress and anxiety to your life. You could have one cup of coffee in the morning or something, but do not keep drinking. Cut down on your coffee intake a choice to go for tea instead. Drink green tea or any other form of tea as they have antioxidant properties in them.

Chew Foods Slowly

People mistake eating for hogging, but the fact is that pigs hog and humans eat. Chew your food properly as it is essential for your digestive process and because your saliva contains important digestive enzymes. Therefore you must chew the food instead of swallowing them and chew it into bits and pieces so that it is easier for your body to absorb the nutrients.

Take the Stairs

You will do well if you take the steps instead of the elevator and the escalator. This is a ritual that will do you very well eventually, and it is has a very positive effect on your body. You are recommended to take the steps as many times as possible and if you want an even better effect then you should walk up the stairs on the balls of your feet instead of planting your whole foot. This will also give you a nice definition in your calves.


Now we are not asking you to become a bodybuilder by profession, just make sure that you do some stretching and some other basic exercises on a daily basis. You do not realise it now, but later in life, this will have a great impact on your body. You will be free of a stiff neck, achy back, and painful joints. Be sure to be able to exercise on a daily basis and stretch as much as you can throughout the day.

The living is not a very hard thing to do, you just have to know how to do the right thing.

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