6 Things that worry free people do to stay away from stress

Updated at: Apr 08, 2016
6 Things that worry free people do to stay away from stress

Between balancing the demands of home and work life and there is immense pressure to live up to expectations in each sphere of life, stress has become a constant companion. However, a few simple changes can make your life much more manageable and

Tanushree Singh
Mind BodyWritten by: Tanushree SinghPublished at: Apr 01, 2016

Stress is a fact of modern life, there is no denying it. How you handle stress determines if the pressure challenges you or becomes a cause for you being unhappy and unhealthy. Each one of us has different lives and hence have different triggers for stress, however all worry free people seem to share some of the qualities. Read on to find out how you can stay away from stress.

6 Things worry people do to stay away from stress

Quit multitasking, do one thing at a time    

Multitasking is something every one of us is guilty of. Trying to do multiple things at once isn’t really a great idea. The simple truth is that you cannot multitask, you can focus only on one activity at any given moment. The act of switching between tasks just lowers your productivity in the end and gives an illusion that you have too much on your plate and triggers stress response.
Focusing on one thing at a time will yield you much better results and keep things manageable.


Invest time in your health

Staying active and eating healthy are one of the best stressbusters. Exercising releases endorphins or happy hormones which reduce stress and make you feel happier overall.
Make small changes to your lifestyle to incorporate healthy habits, start eating more fruits and vegetables, limit alcohol consumption, quit smoking, include a daily 30 min run in your schedule, adopting a healthy lifestyle can be a big step towards a happier one.


Be more mindful of what’s going around you

Being mindful means being aware at all the times of what’s going internally (in your mind) and externally. Becoming more mindful takes practice but can dramatically reduce stress and make your life happier. Note how you feel and why you feel a certain way, identify triggers which make you uncomfortable or make you lose control.
Paying attention to the details in life will help you identify your tendencies and fix what you think is wrong and take control of your life.


Have fun

This is the simplest yet most overlooked aspect in today’s lifestyle. People are so busy that they forget to have fun. Make a conscious decision to have fun and actually enjoy something you like. Having fun doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go crazy, anything that makes you really happy, from sky-diving to gardening, is great.
Break up your big projects into smaller tasks
Divide big intimidating tasks into smaller chewable bites. When you finish these smaller tasks you will get a sense of accomplishment without being overwhelmed.
When you finally finish off a big project, reward yourself and celebrate it with people you love. This will help you be motivated and keep going on, instead of being a stressful chore, make it an enjoyable journey.


Believe in yourself

While such lines may sound cliché, believing in yourself is actually a very important aspect in being a happy person. Do not take other’s remarks about yourself too seriously, try learning to appreciate constructive criticism and ignore hateful remarks completely. Be content with yourself and each day take a step towards the person you want to become.

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