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Written by
Arushi Bidhuri
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamDec 26, 2018

6 Relationships Resolutions Every Couple Should Make In 2019

6 Relationships Resolutions Every Couple Should Make In 2019
Quick Bites
  • In 2019, make relationship resolutions that will help it grow
  • Let your partner know that you appreciate them by telling them how you feel
  • Communication and honesty are two of the very important aspects of a relationship 

Relationships are such a huge part of our everyday life but it is shocking how we often forget to give it as much of an importance as it requires. As the new year approaches, it is time to reflect on how far you have come in your relationship and what is it that you need to work on. For the coming year, why not work on your relationship with the love of your life. Here are six resolutions you should make that will help not just your relationship but will also help you grow in general. 

Appreciate More

When people are close to us, we often take them for granted and never appreciate them for anything. Let your partner know that you appreciate them by telling them how you feel. Appreciation is a token of love which should be given as a gift to your partner every day. This is something you as an individual must do and make a promise to yourself that you will.

Listen for a Change 

During a fight, we tend to lose our cool and stop listening to our partners. If this happens with you as well then you need to start listening to your partner right now. The foundation of a relationship depends on how well you handle difficult situations, not by how you behave when everything is going smooth. You do not have to agree with your better half all the time, just listen and then evaluate. You should listen calmly and with an open heart so that you can work together towards resolving those issues. 

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Talk Less, Touch More

By touching we do not mean that you guys should get intimate, when you are finding it difficult to communicate your emotions, a hug or a peck on the forehead can go a long way. Hold hands when on a walk or while watching tv, small things in a relationship can help it get better without going to the next level. 

Set Realistic Expectations

All of us have our own beliefs and values that we often try to impose on others. We should remember that people, even the ones we love are incapable of reading our minds. If you want or need something, you must verbally communicate your wishes to at least give your partner the chance to understand what’s on their mind. It is important for you to be realistic about your needs and wishes and you must share them with your partner. 

Learn to Compromise 

Compromising does not mean that you need to change who you are and your fundamental values, but compromising on issues that are causing trouble in your relationship. It is human nature to think that what we do is right and we attach our core values to everything. But there are some issues which are easier to compromise on. Try to meet halfway to maintain peace and harmony in the relationship. 

Communication is Key 

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Nothing is more important in a relationship than communication as this aspect can alone make a huge difference. So, in the coming year make sure that you communicate and promise each other a few things including honesty, talking to each other calmly, being a good listener and telling each other about your intentions clearly.

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