6 Reasons Why You are Hungry All the Time

Updated at: Oct 05, 2018
6 Reasons Why You are Hungry All the Time

Even if you are not feeling scrumptious, your mind always craves food. You must look out for the reason that makes you hungry all the time. Here are some reasons which might be responsible for your unstoppable desire to eat.

Varsha Vats
Healthy DietWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Oct 05, 2018

Do you also find yourself snacking all the time? You might get a strong desire to eat suddenly and the desire is never-ending. Even if you are not feeling scrumptious, your mind always craves food. This will definitely add extra inches to your waist. But if you don’t eat you start feeling uneasy, develop a headache or are unable to concentrate on your work. To avoid extra intake of food and to stay in shape, you must look out for the reason that makes you hungry all the time. Here are some reasons which might be responsible for your unstoppable desire to eat.

Stress can be a reason

Stress is exhausting and it increases hunger as well. When you are stressed, you crave for food generally high in sugar and fat. During stress, cortisol, a hormone which promotes hunger and food cravings is produced more. You might feel hungry all the time if you are frequently stressed. Stress promotes hunger and you might end up eating more than what is needed. 

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Sleep deprivation

Adequate sleep is extremely important for your overall health. It keeps several diseases at bay. Getting enough sleep controls appetite as it regulates ghrelin which is a 'hunger hormone'. Sleep deprivation leads to a higher level of ghrelin, which might make you hungrier. Inadequate sleep automatically increases your appetite and it becomes harder to feel full. Lack of sleep also increases stress level and makes you restless.

Lack of fibre in diet

Food rich in fibre helps in keeping hunger under control. High fibre food takes time to digest and keeps you full for a longer time. Fibre must be an essential part of your diet. You must consume enough fiber in order to stay fit. Fibre also controls appetite hormones which reduces hunger. When you consume less fibre, you are more likely to get hunger pangs. Foods rich in fibre include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Too much exercising

If you are a fitness freak and involved in too much exercising you might feel hungry all the time. High-intensity workouts burn a lot of calories and make you feel hungry very frequently. As exercising is very important, you cannot exclude it from your routine completely but you can reduce the intensity of the workout. If you feel hungrier after exercising, you will end up eating more which will increase your overall diet and you will end up consuming unnecessary calories.

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Not eating enough protein

Protein is the building block of our body. Protein intake affects your appetite as it has hunger reducing properties. When your body lacks protein you feel week and hungry all the time. High protein diet will help you consume fewer calories during the day. Protein also gives you an ample amount of energy required throughout the day. Foods rich in protein include eggs, milk, yogurt, nuts, chickpeas and many more.

You are distracted while eating

You always do various works while you eat. Either you stick to the television or your mobile phone while eating. This distracts you from your food and you end up eating more than required. Distraction is bad while eating. When you are too involved in something else, you do not realise when you ate and how much you ate. You must be focused on your food while eating. Eliminate all distractions possible.

Excessive hunger might also be a result of certain medication. Taking medicines can also be a reason of your hunger, so you must consult a doctor to get clarity on the issue.

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