6 Exercises That Will Help You Build Muscles But Not Make You Bulky

Updated at: Jun 05, 2020
6 Exercises That Will Help You Build Muscles But Not Make You Bulky

Every exercise does not make you bulky. Follow these simple exercises for simply building muscles. 

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Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 05, 2020

We all want healthy and fit body but certainly don't like the idea of bulking up. There are various exercises that you may execute at home and attain muscles without going to a gym. Also, not every exercise makes us bulky. All you have to do is commemorate yourself to take out some time from your daily routine and devote it for workouts. Following are some simple home exercises that will help you make muscles and not bulk up. It is to note that each of these exercises should be performed with proper caution. 

Monkey Push Up


WHY: It helps us to strengthen our shoulders, arms, abdomen and back. 

HOW TO: Get in the position of push up, your hands in front of the chest and whole body in a straight line. Then push your toes and get into the position of a monkey, your legs in squat position and hands between your legs, then hop back to the previous position. This makes one complete set. Repeat these sets 10 to 12 times. 

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One Leg Rear Delt Raise


WHY: It helps us to strengthens our core, shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, hamstrings and glutes

HOW TO: Hold 2.5 / 3.5 kg weight in both hands, then lean your waist forward while lifting your left leg in the air so that it forms a straight line with the torso. Then open your arms and raise both the weights with your shoulder muscles parallel to the floor. Then switch your legs and repeat the same. This is one set. Repeat these sets 15 times. 

Opposite Arm And Leg Lift 


WHY: It helps us to strengthen our upper body, lower body, biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper and lower back and gluts. 

HOW TO: Position your hands and knees on the floor. Hands under your shoulder and knees under your hips, then stretch your right arm forward and left leg backwards. Both your hand and legs should be straight, and your head should not be looking up or extended. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Now repeat this exercise with opposite hand and leg. This is one set. Repeat this set 10 to 15 times

Twisting Knee Plank


WHY: It strengthens our upper and lower body; arms, shoulders, abdominals, obliques and butt.

HOW TO: Start with a standard push up position; hands directly below the shoulders and legs fully extended, perfectly straight line from heels to shoulder. Then twist your lower body left, right and then back to the centre. Bring your left knee towards your left elbow and hold for a second. Repeat the same, touch your right elbow with your right knees. This is one rep. Do this rep 20 times. 

Kneeling Glute Toner

WHY: It helps us to Strengthen our Glutes, hamstrings, inner and outer thighs and abdominals. 

HOW TO: Sit on your knees with your hips wide apart and hold back of a chair. Slide your left foot back and lift your knees and toes of the floor. Then bend and straighten your knees for about 20 reps. You may also rotate your leg in the 8 O clock posture. While performing this exercise, make sure you tighten abs and tuck pelvis. Exercise with caution as workout injuries can take longer to recover.

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Chair twist 


WHY: It helps us to Strengthen our Lower and upper abdominals, obliques, hips, thighs and butt

HOW TO: Keep your feet close together. Then bend your knees in such a way that your knees are behind your toes and ebbing your thighs parallel to the floor. Raise hour hands forward and up. Then turn your torso to the right. Then move your left elbow forward and touch your right knee. Hold for 3 seconds and then get back to the normal position. Repeat the same with the opposite side. That makes one rep. You may do three reps. 

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