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Written by
Varsha Vats
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamMar 13, 2019

6 Common Habits that can Damage your Kidney

6 Common Habits that can Damage your Kidney
Quick Bites
  • Kidneys help in passing the waste from the body as urine
  • Some daily habits can leave a harmful impact on your kidneys
  • Know the habits that may harm your kidneys and their functioning

Kidneys are the filter of the human body which filters the blood before sending it back to the heart. They are helpful in passing the waste from the body as urine. They are also responsible for maintaining overall fluid balance in the body. They filter the waste material and toxins from the body and help in passing them as urine. Maintaining a proper kidney health is very essential to keep the urination process continuous. There are certain habits which can affect your kidney health. You might not be aware about them but some daily habits can leave a harmful impact on your kidneys which can degrade your health in many ways. If your kidneys do not function properly, your body will lose the ability to filter blood and remove waste products from the body. This will lead to the accumulation of waste material and toxins in the body. Read on to know about the habits that may harm your kidneys and their functioning in some way or the other.

Overconsumption of painkillers

Painkillers may give you relief from pain and aches instantly but they can affect the functioning of the kidneys. Regular use of painkillers can even lead to severe kidney damage. Painkillers decrease the blood flow to the kidneys which interrupts their functioning.

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Not drinking enough water

Drinking more water is the best way to flush out toxins from your body. Proper water intake ensures smooth functioning of the kidneys. Lack of water intake can also lead to kidney stones. You should drink more water to keep your kidneys healthy.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is very harmful to the body in many ways it affects your kidneys as well. It doubles the risk of chronic kidney disease. Too much alcohol consumption is a kidney-damaging habit because it increases the stress on the kidneys as it contains toxins. 

Sitting for long hours

Sitting for long hours is linked with the development of kidney diseases. You must not sit regularly for longer hours to avoid any possible kidney disease. If you have a sitting job then make a routine to move around after regular intervals.

High salt and sugar intake

Eating too much sugar or salt, both are harmful to your kidneys. Salt can increase your blood pressure which harms the kidneys. It will also lead to an excess amount of sodium in the body which will make it harder for the kidneys to get rid of it.

Excess sugar consumption also contributes to high blood pressure. It also leads to obesity and diabetes which can contribute to kidney failure.

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Sleep deprivation

Proper sleep is necessary to maintain overall health. Your sleeping and waking routine regulates your kidney function. The tissues of kidneys get renewed when you are sleeping. Inadequate sleep can disturb the functioning of the kidneys. You must ensure that you sleep for at least 6-8 hours to maintain your kidney health as well as your overall health.

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