5 Ways you should never use to punish your child

Updated at: May 26, 2015
5 Ways you should never use to punish your child

Children need to be guided and taught various things in life. But, children can be disobedient at times, triggering a fit of rage in parents. Here is when you, as a parent, must know where to draw a line.

Vasudha Bhat
Tips for ParentWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: May 26, 2015

There is no denying the fact that children can be messy and stubborn and sometimes, they can go a little over-board with their acts of misbehaviour. But, all this is a part of their exuberance and that is what compels experts to believe that it is wrong for a parent to go over-the-top while punishing children. Although a little punishment is necessary to prevent your child from falling off the track, you must know where to draw a line. Doing it wrong can have psychological impact on your child that can’t be undone. So, here are five types of punishments which demand to be curbed down.

Right Way to Punish your Child


Although, hitting a child does not qualify as crime in India, that does not give you the liberty to physically hurt the child. Spanking can have disastrous effects on your child’s academic performance and emotional intelligence. Moreover, being hit regularly will make your child vulnerable to depression and they would grow into being a boring adult.


Raising your voice indicates that you have failed at gaining control over your child. Throwing harsh words in a high pitched volume can lead to negative self-image. If you scream at your child, do not expect them to grow up into a calmer adult.

Locking Inside a Dark Room

Locking your child in a dark room may look like an easy way to teach them a lesson because you don’t look at the long term consequences of it. Doing this can have a lasting impact on your child’s emotional intelligence. They would grow up with an idea that there is nobody around to love them, which would give rise to suicidal feelings and substance abuse during their adolescent years and a negative outlook towards life in general.

Right Way to Punish your Child


This could be one of the most convenient ways to punish a child for many parents. But, if you threaten your kid with putting them in a boarding school or sending them to a relative’s place who is known for their strictness with kids, you are running your bond with your child forever. Your child is innocent and they do not understand your purpose behind being so harsh with them. Threatening them constantly will impact your relationship with your child.


Introducing a role model in your child’s life seems like a good idea. However, comparing them with children from the neighborhood is not fair on your part. Doing so will infuse a feeling of rejection in your child and they shall only see themselves as weak person who has a low self-esteem.

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