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5 Ways to Enliven your Soul

Mind Body By Vasudha Bhat , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 26, 2014
5 Ways to Enliven your Soul

Bringing your soul over and above all the tough experiences in life can awaken it and help you liberate all the pain and carve a brighter future. But for this you must follow few steps that will show you the way towards a brighter life.

Kindling of the soul plays an important role in every human’s life because it lets us see ourselves as beings that have power which has the limits of reaching eternity. Humans sow seeds in the present to create a future for themselves. Here are a few ways in which we can set the limitations free and enter the magical world of possibilities which can awaken the soul and fill us with thoughts and positive intentions.

Soul Awakening Tips

Accept Tragedies

A human being should accept tragedies as part of life experiences and must try to learn the most out of them. A condition becomes painful due to non-acceptance and resistance. The moment you decide to accept a tragedy, you will begin treating it like a part of your life. This acceptance will then allow the energy to flow freely in your body from the heart and head hence, releasing the pain. Usually, grief and sorrow are not caused by the events themselves but, it is our feelings around what has happened and the non-acceptance that gives rise to sadness. When you accept, you enter the process of healing and when you don’t you begin to suffer.

We Decide our Own Reality

Your present day which you completely deny to accept whole-heartedly has been built up by your choices that you made in the past, consciously or unconsciously. Thus, it is not right to treat yourself as a victim of anything or anyone. The picture that has unfolded before you now is completely different from the reality. Therefore victimizing yourself will only make you lose the strength to fight.

We have Free Will    

Now that you aware that your present is only a result of the choices you make, you must also understand you have a free will to respond to any experience with mindfulness. Everything you experience in life sows a seed of wisdom and learning in your life. It is your choice if you wish to nurture it or let it rot in waste.

Soul Awakening Tips

Forgiveness is the Key

You build up walls around which imprisons you when the grudges and negative feelings are not let go off. We happily choose to suffer and become victims of our own when we decide not to forgive and forget. The most damage is done by our reaction to the situation and not by what others do to us. But, when we forgive, we release other people from our internal experiences. We no more remain a hostage of blame, shame and guilt.

Happiness is a Gift of the Soul

Feelings of joy, unconditional love, acceptance, kindness and compassion do exist in real world too. These all are qualities of the soul and the joy of your heart and soul is a quality of purity that can bring out the highest vibration of spirit. It is this joy that does all the miracles in our lives.

Soul awakening can be miraculous for your overall being. But, you must first believe it to see it.

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