5 Things To Ditch Before Year 2019

5 Things To Ditch Before Year 2019

For the coming year why not give your home a makeover by getting rid of old and unwanted things. Here are 6 things you should ditch before the New Year.

With the New Year knocking on the door, there are many promises we make to ourselves by focusing only on personal resolutions such as losing weight, getting fit, achieving something professionally. But in all this, we forget that our homes can also get a new look. For the coming year why not give your home a makeover by getting rid of old and unwanted things. Here are 6 things you should ditch before the New Year: 

Old Clothes You Don’t Wear 

We all either buy or get new clothes around this time of the year. You have to make room for the new stuff and get rid of the old clothes. Give your old clothes to someone who needs it more than you do. Pack up the clothes which are in a good condition and donate them or sell them – whichever option suits you better. 

Expired Makeup Products 

Go through the makeup products that you have stacked in the corner for a very long time, be it a perfume, highlighters, foundations or any other products. Ditch all the products that have been in there for a very long time because they probably are expired. Expired or outdated products can be unhealthy to use so it is better that you remove them from your collection. 

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Unnecessary Electronics 

Ditch the unused junk such as broken plugs, electronic cords, etc. because the only thing they are doing sitting in your drawers is making a mess. As safe as it might seem for the times you are not able to find an alternative, we hardly ever reach out for these things. If you have a stash of old technology stuff then consider donating them. 

Old Décor 

Discard all the old decoration including unwanted ornaments, lights, and other old stuff. With every year, trends change and so does the décor trend.  If you will get rid of them now, it will be less of a fuss the next year. 

Last Year’s Calendar 

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It is time to let go of the old calendars and planners. If you tend to hold on to old things, then it is time to let go. Write down any important dates that might remain the same in the coming year and toss them. Buy new calendars and planners to embrace the new year and kick start it with a bang.

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