5 Things that make you Happy at Work

Updated at: Nov 11, 2016
5 Things that make you Happy at Work

Happiness at workplace is, for a lot of people, non-existent. Well, we think it is time you count the many blessings in disguise that you have wherever you work.

Himanshu Sharma
Office HealthWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: May 09, 2014

Everyone wants a happy environment to work in. No one wants to work at a job in which everyone is arguing about petty things. If the environment at your workplace isn’t a happy one, you can make a few changes to make it a happy workplace.


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Here is how you can concentrate on the good things about your job instead of getting bogged down each day you walk into the office.


A Shorter Work-week

You are lucky if you have a 5-day work-week because there are a lot others who do not work so less in a week. No matter how bad the workplace is and the people in it are, a 5-day work-week is a blessing. The key to workplace happiness is not working fewer hours, but the many possibilities of using free time for happiness-boosting activities.

A research conducted by LearnVest found two-thirds of its survey respondents prefering a four-day/five-day work-week. This is because the weekened leaves them with more time for activities that make them happy. Moreover, there is a lot of time to hang out with family and friends and get more exercise and blessed sleep.


A Promotion or Raise

Being promoted or given a raise in salary is a great happiness-booster. You earn more money and get more respect at work. With a boost in pay, you can afford luxuries that were once out of your reach. A promotion at workplace makes us happy because it is a reminder of how close we are getting to our goals.

A New Job

If you think that your current work is the one thing that is pulling you down, you should consider changing your workplace. New is always better in such a scenario. We all need an environment where we can thrive and learn. Looking for a new, better job is one way in which you will get the boost.

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More Meaningful Work

We tend to be happier when there is a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. A more meaningful work gives us motivation to do better and stay on course with it. This is the reason people volunteer overseas or teach in a struggling classroom leaving their corporate work profiles.

Your work is a means of income and living. What is that that you are working for should always be at the back of your mind. Your job should be one of the reasons that keeps your spirits high and your stress levels low, not the other way around.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing but what gives us a sense of purpose and keeps us motivated at work. We get happiness at work on receiving recognition of our efforts, a raise or a happy environment. If your work doesn’t give you that, it is time to move on.


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