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5 Sure shot signs of a great listener

5 Sure shot signs of a great listener
Quick Bites
  • They empathize instead of sympathizing.
  • They try not to put you in awkward situations.
  • They listen for real.
  • They know the meaning of eye contact, they don't glare or stare.

How do you know if you are talking to a good listener? How do you know if the person you are talking to will understand you? There are people that are sorted amongst the best listeners. They have all the right attributes that a good listener should posses.

signs of listener

We give you 8 sure shot signs of a good listener to help you spot one around you:


They listen

You know they are listening when they follow-up to every detail that you have just furnished. They actually listen and not pretend.


They look at you in the eyes

They know the meaning of eye contact. They won’t glare or stare but will maintain a comfortable eye-contact. They know that you will not like if you are on with your story and they are looking away.


The right gestures

They make all the right gestures, so that you are encouraged to talk your heart out. They will nod when it is necessary and smile when needed.


They empathize

They won’t sympathize, instead they will empathize because they know that sympathy won’t do you any good, but empathy may.


They try not to put you in awkward situations

They do not force you into a conversation if you are not comfortable. They will wait until you are in your comfort zone and ready to share.


They know when you are uncomfortable

They will right away change a topic that is making you edgy.


They won’t cut you off

They won’t cut you off while you are still talking. They first listen to you and wait for the right moment to talk.

They are not preachers

They understand that preaching isn’t a solution to things. They know that sometimes, it is better to be quiet even after you are done talking.


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Written by
Namrata Dutta
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 25, 2016

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