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5 Signs She Might be Cheating on You with Your Best Friend

Cheating By Arti Chaudhary , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 10, 2019
5 Signs She Might be Cheating on You with Your Best Friend

Do you feel that your girlfriend is cheating on with your best friend?  Here are 5 signs which can make things clear for you.

Relationships know-a-days are getting more complicated then the past. Joy and excitement is lost somewhere. You don’t see her the way she used to be with you in past. But on the other hand your best friend seems to be much happier. What is making him happy? Is there is something he is getting and you are not? Is your girlfriend cheating on you with your best friend?

Know 5 signs that your girl might be cheating on you with your own best friend

Finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you is really heart hitting but pain gets worse when you discover that she is cheating on you with none other than your best friend. Sometimes you might over think of a situation. It might happen you found them coming other from where and that is just a coincidence. But you will smell something fishy when this happens regularly. 

Her mobile and his repeated calls

Best way to know what is going in your partner’s life is to have a check on their mobile. If someone tends to cheat, he/she will likely erase call details. But you never know, wait till she goes for shower or a sleep and check if you find his number dialled a lot then you need to worry.

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Both of them suddenly get busier 

Suddenly your girlfriend and your best friend get busier at the same time. See it is not good to always think that they both are together. Possibilities can be they both are busy with their targets and other stuffs. But does it always happen that they are busy at the same time and later both are available together? Now here you have to raise the eyebrows. Why is this happening every time?

Both disappears and show up together

On some occasions like party or a get together you are with your girlfriend and best friend both and suddenly they both disappears. A short while later, they both return to the place and she then she starts explaining. You feel things are changing, both of them are not sounding same before they disappears.  

He understand her more than you

It is very sad to know that your best has betrayed you by dating your girlfriend behind your back. Sometimes, girl act normal which is actually not normal and you think everything is on track. But when you have conversation with your best friend and he starts telling you things about your girlfriend which you are unaware of. How does he get to know these things? Is she spending more time with him than you? 

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She ignores incoming calls

How will you feel when your girlfriend’s phone rings and she does not answer or cuts the call? Why she is not picking up a call? And all of a sudden she starts behaving strange and feels awkward. When ask her about it, she also starts arguing with you. Then you realize your best buddy does the same when you are around with him.   

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