5 Homemade Shampoos That Will Save Your Hair

Updated at: Apr 01, 2015
5 Homemade Shampoos That Will Save Your Hair

There are many ways to treat both male and female hair loss. If you are having hair loss trouble, DIY shampoos can help you save them for good and benefit you on many levels.

Himanshu Sharma
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Mar 31, 2015

Hair loss can occur because of many reasons, including genetic, nutrition, overall health, hormone deficiencies and overuse of styling products. If you are having hair los, some DIY shampoos can help you save them for good and benefit you on many levels.

Here’s how to make your own shampoo at home for falling hair.


Lemon-Honey Shampoo

Mix 2 eggs with 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, 1 tablespoonful of honey and 3 drops of olive oil. Apply the shampoo onto your scalp and spread it on the hair. Rinse with lukewarm water after 5 minutes. The shampoo will leave your hair clean, shiny and healthy. This is not only a remedy for falling hair, but it also works well for all hair types.


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Egg and Honey Shampoo

Take 3 egg yolks and 3 tablespoonfuls of honey and mix the ingredients together, apply it to wet hair by massaging your scalp thoroughly with it. After shampooing, you may use your usual conditioner.


Egg Shampoo

You need 2 or 3 eggs (depending on the length of your hair) in a bowl to make this excellent homemade shampoo. Mix them before applying it on your hair and wash your hair with it just like you do with the usual shampoo. To get rid of the smell, condition your hair with the conditioner you usually use. Eggs will make your hair healthier and shinnier.


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Herbal Shampoo

To prepare a herbal shampoo, you need about 10 grams of shikakai, 10 grams of reetha and 5 grams of dried amla. Orange peel or lemon peel can also be used. Put the ingredients in a pan and add 500 ml of water over it. Let the peels soak in the water overnight and heat the mix on the gas till it starts to boil before using it to wash your hair. The DIY shampoo is a great natural cleanser and puts life back into the hair.


Baking Soda Shampoo

To make baking soda shampoo, you only need 2 ingredients - baking soda (1 tablespoon) and water (1 cup). Mix the two ingredients and use it just like you use your shampoo. The homemade shampoo provides nourishing and moisturising effect to the hair.



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