5 Foods And lifestyle Habits That Are Unknowingly Causing Belly Fat

Updated at: Aug 24, 2020
5 Foods And lifestyle Habits That Are Unknowingly Causing Belly Fat

Reducing belly fat is a herculean task as it takes diet and exercises both to cut down fat from the waist.

Gandharv Gulati
Healthy DietWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Aug 24, 2020

Losing belly fat is not easy. You need to do a lot of physical labour to get rid of the flab around your belly. But is exercising the only way to reduce belly fat? No. You need to take a close watch on what is on your plate. You might be knowing the common foods for weight loss but there are some foods that are unknowingly causing belly fat. By avoiding them, you can reduce your waistline.

Low-Protein Diets


Low-sugar, low-fat and low-carb diets while aid weight loss, low-protein diets are responsible for weight gain or say belly fat growth. Yes, protein is an essential element for the body and it also prevents weight gain. Following low-protein diets, thus, cause weight gain where most of it goes into belly fat. This is because protein boosts metabolic rate by making you feel full and reducing calorie intake. Decreased protein in the body triggers the increase of Neuropeptide Y or NPY hormone which causes a surge in appetite and belly fat gain. Surprisingly, high protein consumption aids weight loss while lower protein intake causes weight gain.

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Low-Fiber Diets


We all know how important fiber is for our health. It maintains stomach health by regulating the stools and allowing unnecessary stuff to flush out through faeces. Fiber is also good for weight loss as it promotes the feeling of satiation and stabilizes hunger hormones to prevent you from overconsuming food. According to an observational study that included both men and women, the consumption of soluble fiber was found to reduce belly fat. Thus, a low-fiber diet may cause abdominal fat gain. Eat whole grains and avoid refined grains to lose belly fat.

Fruit Juice


If you consider fruit juices as healthy, they are not! Fruit juices especially packaged ones are sugars in disguise. There is a lot of difference in fresh fruit juice made at home and packaged fruit juice that you get from stores. Those labelled as unsweetened also have sugar in them which is mostly not mentioned on the label. You’d be surprised to know that canned apple juice has same the amount of sugar as cold drinks. The figure is nearly similar for all packaged fruit juices. Even though they have a lot of nutrients in them, the sugar content won’t allow their full utilization. Instead, it would make your belly broader day-by-day.

Insufficient Sleep

For the uninitiated, sleep is directly linked to belly fat. The lesser you sleep, the more weight or body fat you’ll gain. Inadequate sleep that is less than 5 hours a day is bad for your health. If you regularly sleep for lesser time, it will start to show on your belly. Now only you would gain kilos but also get numerous other health issues that poor sleep likely brings.

Alcohol abuse

Some alcoholic beverages such as red wine are healthy when consumed in moderation. But alcohol abuse for any given alcohol variant is bad for health. People who drink daily are found to have a bulging belly which is caused due to inflammation. Alcohol has fat-boosting properties as it suppresses the fat breakdown mechanism making you gain abdominal fat.

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Hence, make interesting and careful choices in your daily life as you may be doing something which would be leading to belly fat unknowingly. Live proper, eat well and sleep better for a healthy lifestyle. 

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