5 Exercises To Reduce Statin Muscle Pain

Use of statins drug, which is often given to people at a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, is linked with muscle pain. This can be managed by doing some simple exercises at home.

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5 Exercises To Reduce Statin Muscle Pain

Stain drug, which is a conventional medicine given to cardiovascular patients, can lead to some severe repercussions for the body. As told by the British Heart Foundation, statins can have irregular or sudden calcium leaks within the muscle cells. This can be one of the major reasons for pain, numbness and other nerve and bone-related problems in cardiovascular cases. In typical cases, the release of calcium in the body regulates the contraction of muscles. The solution to this problem is exercise. As a part of the study, it was concluded that moderate exercising could help reduce muscle pain primarily caused due to statins.

Here are some effective exercises to reduce muscle pain and numbness, which is mainly caused due to the statin drug:


One of the most straightforward exercises to be done for the core, squats help in relieving pain in the lower body areas. The best part about squats is that it can be tweaked according to the need. Just add a little weight to it, and you can have an extraordinary impact with some regular squatting. But for cases of statin muscle pain, do the simple squats without adding any extra weight.

Forward Bend

If you are having muscle pain in back or arms due to the statin drug, a forward bend is highly recommended to get rid of the discomfort. A forward bend is great to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes, further providing relief to the muscles. The muscle pain primarily due to statin drug requires a light exercise as it is also effective for those works towards reducing their cholesterol with the statin drug. This exercise is simple and can be done quickly at home. Just make sure that you do not pull your hamstring too much.

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Another great exercise to get rid of muscle pain and numbness is lunges. In lunges, you can change the intensity of the workout as per your medical condition. If the pain is more, you can lunge slightly, hold the position and repeat. Simple lunges help in improving muscle health and further strengthen the core and the legs. This exercises, if done with weights, can work on the arm area as well.


An easy exercise, which can be done anytime and anywhere, crunches do not require any equipment, you need a mat on which you lie down and start pulling your upper body against the gravity. You will feel the effect on your abs and lower abdomen area. Crunches are great for overall body strengthening, including body parts like legs, arms, back and core.

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The Bridge Pose

A trendy yoga pose, the bridge pose is a great asana for relieving several health problems. It helps in weight loss, gives a boost to the digestion and even reduces muscle pain to a great extent. The bridge poses not just provides relief from the pain induced due to the statin drug but also helps in strengthening the core, back and leg muscles.

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