5 Dry Skin Remedies for Your Shower and Bath

Updated at: Nov 11, 2016
5 Dry Skin Remedies for Your Shower and Bath

The winter month can be very irritating for your skin as every time you shower you will feel dry and itchy on your skin. But you can help your dry skin with these five remedies.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jan 14, 2014

Throughout the world, one of the most common grievances of people is dry skin after a shower during winter. It feels itchy and pathetic; you would begin to hate your skin after a winter shower. But there are remedies for this problem too, nothing is impossible!

remedies for dry skin after showerIt is very annoying to have itchy and dry skin during the winter season, and you cannot possibly go some place and scratch yourself all the time. It is already freezing outside and on top of all that this dry skin issue can pretty much take all the happiness that winter has to offer. This is one of the biggest reasons why caring for your skin becomes an absolute necessity during the winter season, and you may sigh with relief because there are many ways in which you can take care of your dry skin after shower and bath.

Watch the Temperature of the Water

It may be freezing cold, but you should never do the mistake of taking shower in hot water. You should never ever be taking a shower or a bath with hot water; instead you should opt for warm water. Hot water is no good for your skin. Hot water in fact takes all the moisture and oil away from your skin and you would be left parched and dry. Also, you should not take a bath longer than fifteen minutes, and if it is a shower then lesser. You will find that your skin is less dry.

Do not Rub Dry

There is no need for you to rub yourself dry. Most people do this mistake and it is very harmful for the skin. It being winter, your towel will be a little less dry than usual, so make sure that your towel is not wet and then pat yourself dry. By patting dry your skin can retain some of the moisture, whereas when you rub your skin to dry it all the moisture from it disappears.

Forget the Bubble Baths

Even though bubble baths are loved by one and all, it is however something that will leave your skin stripped of all the oils that your skin needs. Therefore, instead of going for a bubble bath you should be opting for oatmeal or milk powder as these will enhance your bathing experience by leaving the oils intact on your skin. You could also try bath oil, as just a cup of bath oil can leave your skin very much hydrated.

Do not Commit Shaving Mistakes

You must have had elders and people having experience in shaving tell you how you should only shave in the direction in which you are having hair growth. This is done for safe shaving. It is absolutely essential for you to shave without committing any mistakes so that you avoid any skin problems that would lead to dryness and itching. Always use a moisturising shaving gel or cream and use components that contain aloe and essential oils.

Always do Moisturise

There is no substitute for this, and so you have to moisturise no matter what. The most important bit is ending your bathing ritual by moisturise your body. Do not do the mistake of skipping this bit and so hit the cosmetic market and pick your favourite body lotion and use it at all times.

Winters can be fun, but only if you can make sure to take absolute care of your body.

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