National Nutrition Week 2019: Common Myths About Kids’ Nutrition Debunked

Updated at: Sep 04, 2019
National Nutrition Week 2019: Common Myths About Kids’ Nutrition Debunked

When it comes to kids, the most important here is to understand their nutritional needs and work towards supplementing their diet accordingly!

Vani Malik
Children's HealthWritten by: Vani MalikPublished at: Sep 04, 2019

Each parent wishes to give his/her child the best in everything. Be it studies or food, and it is a constant fight for the parent to provide the child with what is essential for their growth. When we talk about kids and their health, the first thing that pops in our mind is to ensure that they are eating right and are getting the required nutrition for a lifetime. However, in this constant run of giving them the best, it is common for parents to make-believe in several concepts, which can be incredibly wrong for kids and their health.

It is essential to bust these myths to understand the real impact of proper nutrition on their health. Right from feeding them something every time to including a lot many ‘healthy’ food items, which can work against your child’s health; there are several misconceptions that need to be debunked right away for the child’s health and wellness.

On the occasion of the National Nutrition Week 2019, we bring to you five common diet myths that can hamper your child’s health:

The Child Knows What To Eat

Children have taste preferences but no specific choices in food. They like whatever their taste buds like. It is also common for kids to get addicted to a junk or unhealthy food items. This is the time when it is simple for parents to develop certain eating habits in kids.

To get them in a habit to eat everything, which is healthy and less exciting, eat with them and offer them a variety of food options according to their mood. You may have to be a little innovative when it comes to feeding your child what is right for their health. Take them with you for grocery shopping and let them chose what looks good to them. Colours and variety at grocery stories instil a sense of excitement in kids, making them more involved in the procedure of eating. Do not force them or push them to eat certain food items, which they dislike. Take it slowly. Make them interested in those very ingredients and flavours gradually.

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Frequent Eating Is Necessary For A Healthy Body

It is a myth that most parents believe in! If you feed your child more food than required, it will work against gravity in this case. It may lead to several health problems, including obesity, in many cases. Major growth determinants in kids are all. Snacking in between without any reason can be harmful to their health. Well-rounded meals are essential, which can benefit a child’s growth.

Fruit Juice Is Essential

Fruit juice is indeed a health-boosting variant. However, it cannot replace the benefits of the whole fruit. Whole fruits are rich in fibre. When we give juice to the child, we end up losing the pulp, which is the whole and sole fibre content of the fruit. So, it is best to give your child a whole fruit than its juice to retain its nutrients.

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More Sugar Mans More Of Energy

It is a definite myth as too much sugar can be extremely harmful to health. Sugar addiction is one of the primary reasons for taking in too much sugar in kids. Further, this addiction can lead to behavioural changes, including mood swings, etc.

Make Them Eat Healthy Food In Disguise

Parents often hide several vegetables in their child’s food to make them eat everything. However, here, the whole concept of understanding the food’s importance is lost. Make your child eat with you and make him/her know the health benefits of every vegetable on the plate. This is how the child will understand the benefits and ask for particular vegetables as per his/her wish. Do not just stuff food in their mouth, tell them how important it is to eat all of that.

With inputs from Meenal Arora, Founder Director, Shemford & Shemrock Group of Schools

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