5 Annoying things non-drinkers always hear

Updated at: Jan 29, 2016
5 Annoying things non-drinkers always hear

Teetotalers are commonly accused of being uncool and are often thrown downright absurd statements with regards to their habit. Here is a look at some of the common things they get to hear.

Namrata Dutta
Mind BodyWritten by: Namrata DuttaPublished at: Jan 29, 2016

There are three types of people, those who don’t drink, those who drink and those who drink and wonder why everyone is not drinking. People who drink and annoy non-drinkers with their oh-so-annoying questions need to understand that people who don’t drink have no reason behind it.

Are you a non-drinker? Do you feel annoyed when people ask you stupid questions? You will definitely relate to these statements.

Drinking juice


Okay, some questions don’t have answers, only consequences. There is a thing called ‘Matter of Choice’, ever heard of it, people?


"What is your idea of fun then, mango juice? Lol"

Just because I’m not drinking does not mean I’m not having fun and to be honest, I don’t think uncontrollable drinking and puking can be anyone’s idea of fun.


"Not even beer"

Why do people even ask this? Isn’t beer classified as an alcoholic beverage?


"One sip won’t do you anything"

What part of “I don’t drink!” did you not get?


"So, you will drive me home, right?"

What am I now, your chauffer? Who says sober people can have accidents?


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