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4 Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Pre-School For Kids For Better Cognitive Development

Children's Health By Vani Malik , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 16, 2019
4 Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Pre-School For Kids For Better Cognitive Development

Finding the right pre-school for the kid is essential to have a suitable environment for mental and cognitive development of the child in its formative years

Selecting the right pre-school for your child can be quite a daunting task for parents. With the vast array of schools offering various environments, how do you know which one is best suited to your child? While the academics and curriculum of a school are essential in the selection process, there are other criteria based on which we find would help find the best fit for you and your child.

Future entry into schools

Unfortunately, in today’s schooling landscape entry into the top schools is a challenge as they usually fill up their batch at the pre-school grade level.  So, if you are clear on which institute you want your child to attend in the future, it is best to secure their entry at the pre-primary level itself.  This has the added advantage of your child getting well set into a system at a very young age and not having to break away and re-adjust in the future.  

Health Tip: this helps in giving the right guidance to the kid for preparing for the future, eliminating the need for letting the child pass through psychological imbalances and an episode of depression due to failure. 

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Teaching methods and expertise

Teachers have one of the highest impacts on any child’s life, and an excellent pre-school teacher is trained to ensure that your child learns fundamental skills at an early age as well as develop the socio-emotional growth of your child. Understand how the school plans to teach your child by following the teaching methodology. 

Health Tip: A child will learn best when the teacher is equipped with the knowledge and is expressive enough to communicate the same to the kids. Look carefully at how much the pre-school invests in training, developing and supporting their teachers and developing new programs.  

Infrastructure and safety

At this young age, children are still unable to advocate for themselves, and thus, it is essential that the place they go to school is set up to ensure they are looked after and monitored regularly.  Look for how much the school has invested in safety and care of the children by the use of CCTV, security and housekeeping staff. Pay equal importance to the school building; after all, we want our children to spend the majority of their day in an environment which inspires and empowers them. 

Health Tip: School buildings reflect this through their use of natural light, colours, temperature, artwork, and play areas.

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Does the school match your philosophy? 

This is probably the most important. Each school is a different ecosystem and has a different culture. There will be schools that are more academically driven and some that are more holistic in their approach. Find one where you feel there is a match to what you want for your child. The student to teacher ratio – In pre-school classrooms, personal attention and knowing each child is key to getting them to engage in different activities. 

Health Tip: A healthy student to teacher ratio ensures that your child is given the proper attention and is connected with his teacher. 

Make the right decision and ensure the correct life path for your child. By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure that the school you select most closely reflects the same ideals as your own, and builds an enriching environment for your children to learn and thrive in.

With inputs from Rohan Parikh, Director, The Green Acres Academy

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