3 Good reasons why you shouldn’t use soap on your face

Updated at: Aug 06, 2015
3 Good reasons why you shouldn’t use soap on your face

Soap contains many chemicals such as foaming agents, colours, preservatives, artificial fragrances, caustic soda, etc. Facial skin is very delicate and sensitive and soap shouldn’t be used on it.

Ariba Khaliq
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Aug 06, 2015

Your mom told you, so did your skin doctor and friends. “Never ever apply soap on your face”, they said. And why, you’ve always wondered. What could be so bad in soap that it cannot be used on the face?

Well, your mother and dermatologist are right. Using soap on face is one of the gravest skincare mistakes. Let’s tell you why.

Dont use soap on face

Our skin is acidic, while soap is alkaline-based

In simple words, the natural barrier of your skin is made up of acid mantle. Anything below pH7 is acidic and anything above that is alkaline. Generally, our skin’s pH is between 4 and 6.5 even among those with a very oily skin. Soap, on the other hand, is the opposite–extremely alkaline. Soap messes with skin’s pH and its acid mantle, making skin conditions worse. So, avoid soap for the best.

Soap makes your skin dry

Even people with an oily skin should not use soap on their face. Soap robs off natural oils, leading to a tighter, drier skin. If your skin is super greasy, use a face wash that is especially suited for that skin type. It will effectively wash off oils and dirt from skin’s surface without disturbing the delicate pH balance. Washing your face with soap is like washing it with a detergent.

Soap causes dry skin

Soap can severely damage your skin

When you wash your skin with the wrong kind of products, it looks dull, haggard and wrinkled. The list of wrong products includes soap. Soap is only one kind; there are no different varieties for different skin types. Harsh chemicals present in soap may work to clean your body but they damage the delicate skin of your face. So, keep the soap away and invest in a quality face wash instead.

If you wish to use the ultra-moisturising varieties of soap marketed by various brands these days, consult your skin doctor first. Make sure you use a product that keeps your skin young and beautiful.

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