11 Ayurveda Tips To Take Care Of Your Liver in 2019

Updated at: Jan 03, 2019
11 Ayurveda Tips To Take Care Of Your Liver in 2019

Many people today are leaning towards non-invasive and natural treatments like Ayurveda and Yoga, for post treatment and preventive care. This has given popularity to liver detoxes, especially after the new year binging. Here we share some tips to

Arushi Bidhuri
AyurvedaWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Jan 02, 2019

Is liver wellness on your resolution list yet? Today medical experts have voiced concern about the global burden of liver conditions, chronic or metabolic, direct fallout of the ubiquitous lifestyle problem. 

We do notice that more people are waking up to prioritize self-care over anything else. And they are realizing an important part of maintaining overall health is taking care of the liver, the main cleansing and metabolizing agent of our body.  For example, individuals are switching to quieter, sober and more spiritual ways to enter the New Year that include body-mind detoxes, silence retreats far away from the bustle of the city or even group meditations to enter the new year. 

Alcohol is known to be one of the most common causative factors for chronic liver diseases, along with Viral Hepatitis and obesity. Many people today are leaning towards non-invasive and natural treatments like Ayurveda and Yoga, for post treatment and preventive care. This has given popularity to liver detoxes, especially after the new year binging. Here we share some tips to save your battered liver. 

Warm Cup Of Lemon Tea

First thing you do, after waking up is, drink a warm cup of lemon tea, which is hot water with lemon juice in it and some honey. You can also have lemon juice cold with some honey in it. The lemon helps you recover from the headache and the honey in it raises your blood sugar level.

Ginger Tea

Chew a few pieces of ginger or make ginger tea. Some people when they over-indulge during the New Years, can end up with a stomach upset that can be resolved by having ginger. Ginger stimulates bile production and aids digestion. Try this-

Boil water with few pieces of ginger and then when it cools down, add some honey and add a few drops of lemon and have it.

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Tomato Juice

Tomato has a sugar called fructose which helps to metabolize the foreign content quicker. Rich in fibre it is also considered to be a mild laxative that can help with fight the bloated feeling. When you have been drinking heavily, the liver goes into an over drive in trying to metabolize the content, leading to lower sugar levels, fatigue and weakness. Tomato juice is hydrating and the presence of glutathione helps fight the toxins.

Cabbage Soup 

Generally good for your liver, cabbage soup is served as the ultimate cure for the rough morning following the revelry, in many cultures right from Korea to Russia and Lithuania. It calms an irritated digestive system and retains fluids in the body. 

Do Not Skip Meals

When you have over binged the previous night, you could feel it all sitting in the system. You could also experience severe loss of appetite the following morning. But here is the thing, you need more energy to deal with the fatigue, so you need to eat. It is advisable to have a lot of fruits and stay on vegetable soups for the day. 

Throw Up

According to Ayurveda, it is a good idea to induce vomiting if need be to treat the accumulation of toxin in the body from drinking. 

Rock Salt

The minerals in rock salt and water help the body eliminate the toxins and re-hydrate. When you have over binged and drained your energy, rock salt can help stabilize.  You can add a teaspoon of rock salt in a glass or warm water, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice to it and have it. 

Buttermilk With Salt And Other Things

Salted buttermilk will help cool off the battered and overworked liver. A glass of pomegranate juice can also help metabolize.


If you practice Yoga regularly, according to Ayurveda experts, the need for substances is reduced in the body. It helps you feel calm and expanded, filling up the spiritual and physical void that many people resort to substances for.

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Poor Digestion? Avoid Drinking

According to Ayurveda, if your digestion is weak and you cannot digest alcohol, it could create health problems, nausea, and improper liver functions in a shorter span of time. Then the temporary hangover may turn into a long drawn health problem.

Straw Breathing

You can practice the straw breathing technique. Take deep breaths as if you were drinking something with a straw. If you have been looking to quit the bottle, Pranayamas and diaphragmatic breathing exercises like Ujjai breathing and Sudarshan Kriya Yoga come strongly recommended. After practicing Pranayamas or breathing exercises over a period of time, need to consume alcohol is drastically reduced. 

For people who are into drinking, it is very important to know the prakruti or the body constitutions because alcohol intake affects people with different body constitutions (Pitta, Vata and Kapha ) differently, over burdening the liver’s metabolic functions in any case. Many people, especially when they do not practice a certain lifestyle which involves regular exercise, Yoga and diaphragmatic breathing practices, do not have the ability to absorb alcohol in the body. For this, it is important to consult a qualified Ayurveda expert.

With Inputs from Dr. Lakshmi, Ayurveda expert with Sri Sri Tattva.

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