100 Years of Indian beauty: nail that retro look

Updated at: May 29, 2015
100 Years of Indian beauty: nail that retro look

In their recently released videos, Cut Video looked at 100 Years of Indian Beauty, showing how Indian style has evolved over the century. If you are inspired by this amazing video too, here is your chance to nail that retro look and be a gla

Written by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: May 29, 2015

Cut, a video production company has taken the internet by storm with one of their videos showing how Indian fashion and style has taken shape since the 1910s. Trisha Miglani, a dancer and student at the University of Pennsylvania, in less than two minutes, poses a range of bindis, henna designs and looks inspired by Bollywood stars throughout the years, the likes of Sharmila Tagore, Sadhna, Meenakshi Sheshadri and Aishwarya Rai.

Past “100 years of beauty” segments have brought to light the Persian, Korean and Mexican cultures, plus one video on American style.
If you’ve seen the video and are feeling inspired, you can bring back all the sensuality of the past. From puffy hairdos and the famous bouffant poof pin-ups to winged eyeliners and simple yet exotic lip and blush colours—we will teach you all. Here’s how to nail the retro makeup.

Capturing the Spirit of the 60s

100 years of Indian beauty


The base will need heavy pancake makeup as this is what starts the ‘vintage’ look. Apply a primer first and use a concealer under the eyes, only if needed. To set the foundation right, a translucent powder should be used to bring in the matte effect.

Winged or Cat-Eye Look

Pick up a reputed angled brush. You would also need liquid eyeliner for the effect. Decide where which part of the outer corner of the eye you would like the wing tip to culminate. Line the eyebrow with the end of the brush's tip, and join that end with the outer corner of the eye in one single stroke. From the ‘inner corner of the eye’, a line should be drawn to the end. The space in between should be filled with a liquid liner, all the way to the base of the lash. This brings about the winged-shape, much needed for the eyes. You could use a thin kajal pencil to sketch the outline.


Baby pink lipstick ruled the lips back then. You can also use nude lipstick. For the demi goddess look, darker shades such as burgundy or bright reds work too.

Retro look


To achieve the retro puffy bouffant hairdo, you’ll need plenty of hair spray, a pack of bobby pins, a nice round brush, hair wax, and a curling iron. Begin by combing the hair towards the front and use the curling iron to curl the top of the hair. Take the round brush and tease the strands in front a little. If need be, use hair wax for a better effect. Use bobby pins to keep the bangs in place, but not before you get the ‘plump hairdo’.

The final stage is to set the rest of the hair backwards, and use the pins to hold them into a nice round bun on the lower neck area.  If you do see strands and corners astray, tuck them in with bobby pins. Now, apply hairspray, and wait for a while—the bouffant look is now on you.

Now you may go ahead, retain your Indianness by sporting the bold old glam world retro look with oodles of attitude and confidence.

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