10 Easy ways to boost your aerobic fitness levels

Updated at: Nov 13, 2017
10 Easy ways to boost your aerobic fitness levels

Know about the top 10 ways to boost your aerobic fitness. Read the easy tips to improve aerobic fitness. See how you can improve your aerobic fitness.

Himanshu Sharma
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Nov 13, 2017

Aerobic fitness and physical training performed at a moderately high level of intensity over a long period of time, is one of the ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. These are not time-bound and can even be done in 10-minute increments.
There are several choices for boosting aerobic fitness and you can even mix them up.


Walking is safe, low-impact exercise that everyone can do to improve aerobic fitness and overall health. Walk for 30 minutes a day at moderate intensity. Over time, increase the pace of the walk and you will be able to walk more briskly. If you swing your arms while walking, you’ll get even more benefits from a walk.


Running is another activity you can do at your convenience – anywhere and at a time that suits you. The activity betters aerobic fitness, strengthens the leg muscles and renders several other health benefits. Running is a high-impact exercise, so the injury risk is higher than it is with walking.

Rope jumping

It has long been used it as an efficient aerobic conditioning exercise, and an inexpensive activity too. It gives an excellent cardiovascular workout and uses both arm and leg muscles. It takes a bit of practice to sustain a steady rhythm and master it.

Climbing stairs

Use stairs frequently to better your aerobic fitness. Instead of taking elevators and escalators, walk up the stairs. But, make sure that you don’t do it for a longer duration as it can be strenuous for  joints.


It is one form of aerobic activities that can be a lot of fun. Dancing lifts the mind, mood and the body. Dancing, if done in a right manner, can give an aerobic workout as other activities and is never boring.

Aerobics or cardio classes

Cardio classes involve warm-up stretches, aerobic movement and muscle toning exercises. These are usually done under the guidance of an aerobics instructor. The classes are structured in a way, for the people who are not motivated about exercise.


If you like swimming, you have a cool way to improve your aerobic fitness. The activity works the muscles of the entire body, especially those of the back, shoulder and arms. Moreover, it helps improves flexibility.


Cycling is an excellent aerobic workout choice; it improves leg strength along with toning leg and buttock muscles without traumatising joints. If you don’t like or cannot ride outdoors for some reason, you can use stationary bicycle.


Team sports

You can even involve in sports such as soccer and basketball to better aerobic fitness. High intensity sports provide an aerobic workout besides helping improve muscle and bone strength.

Interval training

Interval training is another way you can get the most out of workouts and improve aerobic fitness. It involves alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. For example, sprints followed by walking and sprint again.


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