10 Useful Home Remedies For Snoring

Updated at: Dec 04, 2020
10 Useful Home Remedies For Snoring

Many people face the problem of snoring almost everyday. Check out these home remedies and some tips to get rid of it. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Home RemediesWritten by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Dec 04, 2020

Snoring is a sleeping disorder which develops due to several factors and can disturb your whole sleeping cycle. This happens because when we go to sleep, our neck muscles tend to get very much relaxed. This can make your nose and throat passage become narrow, making it difficult for air to travel to the lungs. And, this difficulty results in tissue vibration, and hence, snoring. One can make very loud noises while snoring and without even realising that it is happening. Snoring might go unnoticed by the person who is actually doing it. It can be a chronic issue that may even disturb your sleeping partner. In fact, snoring may also indicate a serious health condition. However, there are some natural remedies that you can try to treat snoring. Read on to know about the symptoms, causes, home remedies and tips to get rid of snoring. 

How to stop snoring naturally? 

Except medical ways, there are many natural ways to get rid of snoring at home too. From sipping hot tea to using nasal sprays, you can help yourself in treating this sleeping disorder. Here are some home remedies to stop snoring naturally: 

1. Soy products 

soy products

Dairy products are not the best to consume if you have a snoring problem. Cow milk, cheese, etc can increase phlegm, which ultimately results in snoring. Therefore, you can consume soy products as a replacement. Soy milk, tofu and other soy foods can provide nutrients to your body and reduce snoring. Some might even have allergic reactions and congestion due to cow milk. 

2. Drink more water 

Drinking enough water can help in clearing mucus and giving relief with the congestion. This reduced blockage can help in getting rid of snoring. One should always stay hydrated to prevent the formation of mucus. An individual should drink atleast 2.5-3.5 litres of water in a day. 

3. Adequate sleep 

It is also recommended to take enough sleep in order to avoid snoring. Exhausting your mind and body does not relax your throat and tongue muscles and then can cause you to snore. So, it is important to take atleast 7-8 hours of sleep everyday.  Snoring can be triggered easily by troubled sleep so you should take adequate amount of sleep. 

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4. Almonds, kiwi and cherry 

The ideal way to treat snoring at home is by consuming a nutritious diet. It has been observed that melatonin rich foods can help in reducing snoring in people. Basically, melatonin is a hormone which makes us sleepy and foods like almonds, kiwi, cherry and pineapple are rich sources of this hormone. You can include them in your diet to get rid of snoring. 

5. Nasal spray 

nasal spray

Congestion is a major cause for snoring. So, nasal sprays can help you in treating it, which can stop snoring. Nasal sprays have proved to be very effective in curing congestion and irritation. It helps in flushing out your nasal passages with a saline spray. You just simple have to spray it in your nostril, whilst tilting your head so it flows out of the other nostril. Do this with each nostril. 

6. Garlic 

Hot foods may also help in reducing snoring. Hot food like garlic can help in clearing the mucus and preventing its formation. Garlic also has antibacterial properties present in it that can be beneficial for you. This kitchen ingredient can help in better and speedy recovery from snoring and it even helps in preventing many other illnesses. The flavour of garlic is a treat for your tongue and the fragrance is also liked by a lot of people. 

7. Chamomile tea 

Chamomile tea contains two very essential anti-inflammatory compounds, namely Alpha bisabolol and Tymazoline. These two compounds and its other healing properties help in treating snoring naturally at home. This home remedy is one of the best ways to get rid of congestion too. You can sip hot chamomile tea in the morning or evening. 

8. Peppermint oil 

Peppermint oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing the inflammation in the inner lining of your nostrils. This inflammation might be a cause behind your snoring. Therefore, peppermint oil can help in decreasing nasal blockage that can further result in stopping snoring.

9. Ginger and honey tea

ginger  and honey te

Ginger and honey tea has many beneficial properties that help with several illnesses. One of the best ways to reduce snoring is by having this tea day and night. This can even help you in having a good sleep at night. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents that soothe the throat and provide relief from snoring. 

10. Ghee 

Ghee is a natural remedy that is good for your overall health and can even help with snoring. Moreover, ghee is known as a useful ayurvedic remedy that has major medical and healing properties. Ghee is an effective way to reduce snoring and can be included in your diet easily. 

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Tips to get rid of snoring 

Besides the natural remedies for snoring, you can always try some other ways to control this problem at home. A sleeping disturbance can be annoying for your spouse too. So, it is best to treat snoring on your own by implementing different habits in your day to day life. Below listed are some tips to get rid of snoring: 

  • Lose weight if obese 
  • Don't smoke and drink
  • Exercise daily 
  • Change sleeping position 
  • Try tongue and throat exercises 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Notice snoring pattern 
  • Keep humidifiers in your room
  • Avoid inflammatory foods
  • Take steam
  • Get enough sleep
  • Elevate head while sleeping 
  • Change your pillow 

Snoring causes 


Snoring can be triggered by a number of factors. From smoking to congestion, one has to be careful about a lot of things. A blockage in the airway can disturb your sleep and even lead to excessive snoring. Even bulky throat tissues can be a reason behind this sleeping disorder. Here are the main causes of snoring: 

1. Obesity 

The root cause behind snoring is having extra tissue in the throat. This bulky throat tissue is mostly found in overweight people and even pregnant women. It vibrates as you breathe while sleeping. Therefore, obesity is a major cause behind snoring. 

2. Genetic factor 

Even genetic factor can be a major cause for snoring. If you have the genes or family history of this sleeping condition, then you should talk to your doctor about treating it.  So, genetic factors should surely be considered before trying out natural snoring remedies. 

3. Congestion 

Congestion is even a chronic illness for some people. This can be very huge problem for your sleeping patterns and cause snoring. Nasal congestion may block the nasal passage and result in difficulty in breathing. So, you should try treating this major cause to find a solution for snoring. 

4. Smoking and drinking 


As mentioned above, smoking and alcohol consumption should be reduced. It can lead to airway obstruction and unnecessary blockage that is not good for your health and leads to snoring. Smoking and drinking alcohol should specifically be avoided before bedtime. Even ageing is also considered a cause for snoring. 

Symptoms of snoring 

The symptoms of snoring are quite noticeable and can be realised on your own and even by your partner. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that also leads to snoring. It is when a person stops and starts breathing rapidly. Below listed are the main signs of snoring: 

  • Feeling sleepy during daytime 
  • Headache 
  • Depression 
  • Mood swings 
  • Choking while you sleep 
  • Restlessness
  • Breathing pauses during sleep
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty in concentrating 

These were some natural snoring remedies, the causes, symptoms and tips to get rid of it. You can talk to your doctor before trying the snoring home remedies or take advice if there is any need of a medical treatment. In addition, a little tweaking in your lifestyle can have a good impact on such problems. Keep a track of your sleeping and snoring patterns to get a better idea as to which remedy is working the best for you. 

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