10 Products every man should have in his bathroom cabinet

Updated at: Nov 19, 2015
10 Products every man should have in his bathroom cabinet

Grooming is a part of daily routine for everyone. Here’s all that men should have in their bathroom cabinet to look and feel their best.

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Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Nov 19, 2015

Rough hair, razor cuts, cracked lips, blackheads and breakouts are some of the common men problems. Most men’s problems can be addressed with bathroom essentials.


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Here’s what men should have in their bathroom cabinet


Hand and body wash - Soaps are history. Invest on a good quality body wash to keep your hands and body hydrated throughout the day.


Shampoo and conditioner - Don’t sacrifice on hair care. Shampooing and conditioning is a must to cleanse and moisturize your scalp. Make sure you are using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type.

Moisturiser cum sunscreen - Skin needs moisture and protection from sun. Get a double-action moisturiser to keep skin hydrated and protect it against the damaging sun rays. Ensure it has aloe vera and glycerine.


Perfume - No matter how well you dress, it does not matter if you don’t smell good. You can choose from several scents.

Shaving cream/gel - You can create a spa-worthy shave at home, provided you have a shaving cream that is good. It will be great if you can get the one that has shea butter and glycerine.


Post-shave lotion - After shave lotion is as important as shaving cream/gel. Choose one that has a calming effect. Alcohol- and fragrance-free post shave lotion with chamomile and vitamin E can replenish the moisture and refresh your skin.


Hair spray, gel or wax - If you think your hair is not perfect, give yourself a chance with hair spray, gel or wax. A water-based hair styling product will give you an all-day hold to keep hair concerns at bay.


An electric shaver - The art of shaving is not easy to master. However, an electric shaver can help you get a good shave. Instead of using a razor blade every day, it’s time to swap to an electric shaver.


Face wash - Whether you are tired or your face is looking dull, face wash is a quick-fix. You should get it to remove the grime from your face.


A night cream - Skin repairs at night. This makes night cream just as important as a moisturising cream. Make sure you are catalysing skin’s natural renewal process.


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