10 Gadgets That Make Lives of New Parents Easier

Updated at: Jun 03, 2014
10 Gadgets That Make Lives of New Parents Easier

Why not turn to gadgets to make caring for your newborn much easier? After all, these technological innovations are all about making life just that little bit easier.

Himanshu Sharma
MiscellaneousWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Jun 03, 2014

Technology has made our lives easier and more manageable. Gadgets can be as exciting for new parents as for others. There are no gadgets yet that are exclusively for babies, though there is no dearth of gizmos that appeal to parents and their newborns. Some of them are for convenience while others for pure fun.


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Here are top 10 gadgets for parents and newborns that can help parents relax and keep infants in peace.


Milk and food warmer

You are never sure when using a microwave to heat up a bottle of breast milk. It can be extremely difficult for new parents considering that the baby is temperature-sensitive baby. You don’t have to worry when you’ve got a bottle and baby food warmer. It is easy to use; you just plug them into the auxiliary.


Wipes warmer

Most babies start crying when they're wiped. One of the reasons why they cry is because the wipes are cold. Wipes warmers can help parents clean up infants without making the baby cry.


Baby strollers

These are the strollers that transform into car seats, saving your space and are extremely convenient. They also have an additional larger seat to use when your baby becomes a toddler.


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Mini washer

Placing dirty diapers in the wash and washing them is a concern before many new parents. Washing machines can eliminate your baby's waste easily but for sure you don’t want to clean your clothes in the same machine. Mini washing machines can come handy and are capable of handling diaper loads.


Baby bathtubs

If you are a new parent, collapsible baby bathtubs is exactly what you need to wash your newborn. It is a comfortable portable tub that can be folded down and kept under the bed. It comprises fold-out chair that fits into the sink for washing.


Baby crying analyser

You need to see a newborn all the time; baby crying analyser enables you do that. You can see and hear your baby all the time. The analyzer can read the pitch of your little one's wailing to tell you if the baby is hungry, sleepy or annoyed.


Audio pacifier

These modern audio pacifiers can help soothe your baby. These stuffed pacifiers comfort your little one with the reassuring sounds of the womb.


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Movement sensor

This under-the-mattress movement sensor reads baby's movements, including breathing. It alerts you if your child becomes completely still. The gadget will allow you sleep easier when your newborn is resting.


Night lamp

This night-light lamp is developed by Boon Inc. It adds a cool design element to your baby's room besides a functional glow.


Self-heating baby bottle

The self-heating bottle is a must-have for the unprepared parent. Powered by disposable warmers, the new-age baby bottle can heat 180ml of milk in just four minutes.


There are lot more baby gear for gadget-loving parents. Most of them are easy-to-use and come with many functions. Why not turn to gadgets to make caring for your newborn much easier? After all, these technological innovations are all about making life just that little bit easier.



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