• How to get six pack abs easily

    After patience, perseverance, and some dedication you will hit that goal of getting six pack abs, but what are the steps to achieve this task?

  • Aerial yoga for weight loss and healthy body

    As far as fitness is concerned, every second day world is witnessing innovations and aerial yoga is one of them. This is a fun way of working out along with a wonderful way of staying in shape.

  • Arm workout : Exercises to tone your arms

    Exercises that tone arms will give you the opportunity to flaunt toned arms in tank tops and bathing suits, thereby making you look sexy this all year long.

  • Follow FIIT principle while working out

    It's important to know basics of working out in the gym to see a result oriented injury free class. All exercise programs are based on F.I.T.T. Principle to keep the body challenged and to avoid monotony.

  • 5 Tips to choose a workout plan

    An workout plan that suits your lifestyle and needs serves you best. Here's fitness advice for you to create a right workout plan.

  • 6-minute workout without equipment

    Working out without equipment is challenging, but not all workout plans require gym equipment and fitness accessories. ‘6-Minute Exercise without Equipment’ is one such exercise plan which requires just a chair and your own body weight.

  • Heavy bag workout:what is it and what are its benefits?

    There are many fitness trainings that have been replaced by the new age training programs that guarantee results in minimal time. However, some fitness programs like heavy bag workout never lose their charm.

  • How to boost your workout with supersets

    If you want to boost your workout for bigger and faster results, tune to superset workouts that comprise two exercises without any rest period between the two.

  • Make your workout easy with this 2-minute routine

    Breaking a sweat at the gym doesn't have to be hours-long ordeal. Here’s a 2-minute exercise routine that will make exercising easy.

  • 4 Ways to make your ab routine more effective using hand weights

    Ab workouts with weight for men are indeed many, but we bring to you the definitive guide to the best of ab exercises using weight. You could also find these to be good tips to make ab routine more effective.

  • Try these 5 outdoor workouts this summer

    Getting in shape doesn’t mean being confined to the four walls of a gym. If you love being outside, it’s easy to take your traditional gym workouts and translate them to practical tasks in the great outdoors.

  • Fitness mantra: 3 reasons why working out at night will help you tone up faster

    If you are not able to get that time in the morning, you need not to get disheartened because you can always do all that in evening or night. No we are not kidding; you can always workout at night or late evening.

  • Fitness Myth:Strength training gives women a bulky, masculine physique

  • Bottle gourd juice: Perfect post-workout food

    If you are looking for a natural post workout food, it is bottle gourd juice.  It helps muscles recover fast, revs your metabolism and improve energy levels.

  • Cardio versus Weightlifting: Pros and Cons

    Do you know the difference between cardio and weightlifting? Let’s find out if cardio is better than strength training or vice-versa.

  • What to eat for perfect abs

    Diet for Perfect Abs:A healthy abs diet for great looking abs involves one basic rule: smaller and frequent meals throughout the day. Read More…

  • Glute workout:Benefits of glute exercises

    The gluteal muscles refer to a group of four muscles that make up the buttocks. Take care and strengthen these to make it easier for hips and legs.

  • The 6-minute lower abs workout you don't know but should

    Belly fat is not only unattractive but also the most harmful fat in your body. Here’s a 6-minute abs workout to flatten your belly, burn fat, and strengthen your core.

  • Olympic-inspired track workout ideas

    The challenge before athletes is to prepare and deliver at the right time. Take a look at some track workout ideas for runners to increase speed.

  • Get six pack abs like Cristiano Ronaldo

    Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be one of the most skilled footballers of all times. Here is a leaf out from Ronaldo’s book on how to own a killer six pack abs.

  • Strong back wrokout:7 upper back exercises

    Most cases of upper back pain are not serious and respond to simple treatments. Practise these upper back exercise programs to avoid back problems.

  • Workout for senior Citizens:Ways to strengthen muscles

    As the human body ages, one of the things that happens to it is that it loses the suppleness of youth. This loss of muscle mass and co-ordination with age is termed as Sarcopenia.

  • Healthy workouts for better health

  • Pilates workout for beginners

    Pilates workouts have many benefits along with training their mind to maintain a constant level of awareness of the way the body moves.

  • Shoulder workout:How to make them broad

    If you think that you are unable to hit the gym to build broad shoulders then here are some exercises you can do at home for the same.

  • Bench can give you a total-body workout

    Fitness enthusiasts would be amazed to hear that a modest bench can provide them with a full body workout. But it is true! Performing a combination of high intensity resistence exercises with some cardio on the bench.

  • 5 Top techniques to build calves like a football star

    To build footballer calves, you have to train like them. The primary focus has to be the leg movements similar to those in split squats and lunges. Here are some techniques to build good-looking, big calves.

  • 4-minute workout to burn 600 calories:Guaranteed!

    A new approach is often the thing that is needed for you to lose weight and burn calories. Here is a look at a 4 minute workout that will help you to lose 600 calories, and this is as simple as it can get!

  • How to make workout plan to gain muscles

    Gaining muscle mass requires self-discipline and commitment. A dedication to your workout plan along with other efforts helps you attain your goal.

  • The 80:20 rule of fitness

    The 80:20 pareto principle may work as a healthy fitness strategy owing to its realistic and long-term approach. It can be applied to everyday life and help you live better.

  • Get fit in 10 minutes

    If you always blame time constraint for not taking up an apt fitness regimen, you are just being lazy. Ten minutes a day is all you need to give and turn you into a muscled machine.

  • Best workout to boost your fitness levels

    You should be getting fitter with each day of exercise. Follow these workout routines to achieve to boost your fitness levels.

  • Pushup workout plan to shape chest

    Pushups are one of the best exercises for full-body workout. Find out how pushups can help tone your chest.

  • Workout to strengthen your arms without weights

    It is believed that the tendency to develop rheumatoid arthritis may be genetically inherited. Know the causes and risk factors of RA.

  • Tone your entire body in just five minutes

    You should try to exercise even if you don’t have much time for a full workout in the gym. A quick 5-minute workout can help you get toned if you do it the right way.

  • Workouts a man should never miss out

    To combat stress created by frantic lifestyle, it is a must that you make exercise a regular part of your routine. Follow this regime and you can find yourself in a much better physical and mental state of being.

  • Indoor cycling workout:What to expect

    Indoor cycling classes are low impact exercise sessions that offer a lot of physical and cardiovascular health benefits. You can expect a lot of things from your daily cycling classes.  

  • How Weight Training Shrinks Your Belly

    A recent Harvard study made a case for strength training over aerobics. We found it to be weak and brought a much stronger argument. Here is how lifting iron can help shrink your belly.

  • 5 Best bicep building workouts

    You can get big biceps by following these bicep workout tips. Know what all exercises will help you to build your biceps and boost your body instantly.

  • 10 Minute water workout

    Water workout provides an all-over-the-body toning routine which is convenient and safer than a ground routine. A 10-minute routine in your pool can work wonders for your fitness and health.

  • Invest 15 minutes in this total-body workout

    By choosing this 15-minute workout that you will cycle through quickly, you'll get the most out of a short amount of time and keep your body in tip-top form.

  • A 15-minute workout to crush an insane amount of calories

    Build muscle and burn fat at the same time with this quick total-body workout which will help you torch crazy amount of calories in just 15 minutes.

  • A warm-up to boost your workout

    Warming up before any workout is important and warming up for every muscle before an exercise is even more important if you don’t wish to impact your performance negatively.

  • How to Get a Curvaceous Butt

    Women are often embarrassed by an unsightly butt but it is more difficult for them to make them shapely. Some exercises are needed for it.

  • Workout Routines For Working Women

    There are many simple tricks how working women can carry on their work as well as take care of their weight, without bothering about going to the gym tired from work.

  • Workouts for Your Body Type

    Know your body type and base your fitness regimen on that for best results. All fitness trainers would agree on this.

  • 5 Twenty Minute Workouts

    Although twenty minute workout sessions are undertaken by trained professionals, some workout which can be done by everyone is given here.

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