Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

  • Healthy weight loss tips for men that actually work

    For men the most healthy way of losing weight is to make right food choices, workout regularly and stay focused. In fact men must also stay away from alcohol and quick fix weight loss pills.

  • Are all your weight loss efforts turning their backs against you?

    If you can’t lose weight, don’t beat yourself up or give up on your weight-loss plan. Take a look at some of the possible reasons why you are not able to shed unwanted weight off despite all your efforts.

  • 5 ways women can lose weight at home

    Are you trying to lose weight and are worried about expensive trainers and gyms. Women can easily lose weight by utilising available resources at home.

  • Want to lose weight? Eat less instead of exercising more!

    There is sufficient amount of data to prove that exercise is no single factor to weight loss. So, what is? Healthier, fewer calorie foods.

  • Can weight loss cause chest pain?

    Chest pains more often than not indicate heart issues but sometimes the two may not be related. If you're experiencing chest pains and losing weight simultaneously, get yourself checked ASAP.

  • Know how your home can help you lose weight

    Your home is the first places from where you can start your weight loss journey. Just some changes in your interiors and your home can help you lose at least some weight.

  • These bedtime hacks will help you lose weight

    If you are spending hours in gym to burn those extra pounds to no avail, you might want to try sleeping instead after reading this.

  • Embrace intuitive eating over dieting for better weight loss results

    Intuitive eating involves being conscious of your body’s signals and what you eat in order to reach your natural weight. Dieters must embrace this healthy approach.

  • 6 tips and trick to avoiding weekend weight gain

    Weekend fun can add a lot of weight to your body. Avoiding weekend weight gain is necessary even if you strictly follow a diet plan and exercise regime during the weekdays.

  • Dieter’s cheat sheet: 10 easy tips to lose weight fast

    Losing weight can become a challenge and your goal may seem distant when you can’t figure out how to lose weight. Follow these easy rules for weight loss.

  • 6 surprising reasons you are not losing weight

    Weight loss may be more than just eating less and exercising more. Learn the reasons why you do not lose weight.

  • Want to lose weight in 7 days? This diet plan may help you out!

    Check out our special 7 day weight loss plan and know how you can lose weight in just 7 seven days. Yes, you can lose extra pounds in just 7 days.

  • A low-carb diet and workout combo to burn body fat

    Take a look at a combination of low-carbohydrate diet and exercise to sustain weight loss, improve body composition, enhance metabolic efficiency and develop strength.

  • 5 foods you need to avoid eating in the morning for weight loss

    A nutritious breakfast can set the tone for a healthy day, but it can be detrimental to consume what you think is healthy when it actually is not. So, here is a list of breakfast foods that can be bad for your health.

  • 4 non-diet factors that can affect your weight

    Are there any non-diet factors that cause weight gain? Here are a few you may not have thought about.

  • Never say these 5 things to someone trying to lose weight

    Has a friend who finally lost weight taken offence at your compliment on his transformation? Perhaps you said one of these things you shouldn’t have.

  • 5 Food chemicals that lead to weight gain silently

    Eating a healthy diet isn’t enough; you have to be careful about everyday food chemicals that lead to weight gain. Avoid these 5 harmful chemicals in your everyday foods that can put you at a risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol along with obesity.

  • 10 ways you can lose weight with these super simple daily habits

    When it comes to weight loss, we often overlook little things but focus on lifestyle overhaul. Take a look at 10 one-minute weight loss secrets to inch closer to your weight loss goal.

  • Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 50

    At 50, your body has already started to deteriorate with low metabolism rate drop in testosterone levels. Know the right combination of diet and exercise to be in shape.

  • BMI for Men: How to achieve that Perfect Figure?

    Men must know how to calculate their BMI lest they complain about being obese and overweight. Read to find out the right way of calculating BMI (body mass index).

  • Middle Aged Men Lose More Hair than Weight; Let’s Change It

    As men reach middle age, for a number of reasons they put on weight, which can be kept within parameters and be lost with some dietary and lifestyle changes.

  • Who Says Lazy Men cannot Have a Flat Stomach?

    Burning calories and having the perfectly flat stomach may seem to be nearly impossible for all the people who are too lazy to leave their beds. But, these quick tricks will bring upon the flat belly faster than ever.

  • Smart weight loss tips for smart women

    Losing weight should be approached with due consideration of the factors that can pull you down in your effort. Here's all that women need to do trim down.

  • Secret to Weight Loss lies in your Kitchen

    Besides the right pair of foods and exercises, a little makeover in your kitchen can make a big difference to your weight loss efforts.

  • What did Kate Middleton do for Post-pregnancy Weight Loss?

    The Duchess of Cambridge will soon be the envy of mums when she becomes the svelte that she used to be before delivery. But, take heart ladies as we bring to you her post-pregnancy weight loss secrets.

  • How to get rid of armpit fat

    It is not wise to ignore armpit fat just because scientifically it does not increase your chances of chronic health problems. Here are some quick exercises to help you cut down on armpit fat.

  • Diabetes drug can now treat obesity, experts

    Doctors have discovered that a drug that currently treats diabetes in adults can also be used to treat obesity or help obese patients to reduce fat in their body.

  • Weight loss challenges:What keeps you from losing weight

    Challenges before weight loss would be physical, emotional and strategical. If you consult a dietician to plan your weight loss plan, you can get over the hurdles.

  • Weight loss motivation

    Without motivation people never lose weight. Here’s how to stay motivated for weight loss and see the weighing scale go down gradually.

  • Tips to lose weight without exercise

    Losing weight without exercise can be achieved by following a flawless diet plan and self-discipline. By imbibing to weight loss eating habits you can easily attain your weight loss goal without exercise.

  • How does alcohol cause weight gain

    If you drink quite frequently and are seeing your waistline increase, alcohol could be the reason for your weight gain.

  • Lose weight around your thighs

    A combination of diet and exercise is the recipe to lose thigh fat. As there is nothing like spot reduction, overall fitness has to be the focus.

  • Blame hormones for weight gain after dieting

    After dieting hormone changes can increases your appetite and decreases your metabolism. Wondering where the diet went wrong, you can blame your hormones!

  • Healthy eating aids weight loss

    Complex carbohydrates, low-fat, fast burning, and vitamins and minerals rich food are what you need for weight loss. Besides, you need to adopt a health healthier diet for losing weight.

  • How to keep that weight off

    Getting your weight under control can help you avoid many health problems. While there are many ways to successfully lose weight, most people regain it over time.

  • Avoid weight gain during holidays

    Holiday can tempt you to over indulgence. You need to pay extra attention to eating habits in order to avoid holiday weight gain.

  • Lose weight in a healthy way

    For weight loss, it's best to go in for natural, healthy means. Instead of trying crash diets, weight loss pills or quick fixes, make a structured plan with regular exercise, a nutritious, low-calorie diet and stress control.

  • Why "marriage makes you fat" is real

    A study has found that an average husband and wife pile on about four and a half pounds each after tying the knot. This increase can be blamed on change in lifestyle and social factors.

  • How to lose weight fast after pregnancy

    Women are often worried about weight loss after pregnancy. There are certain home remedies that significantly contribute to weight loss after pregnancy.

  • Weight issues managed by celebrities

    Throughout the history of stardom, celebrities have been working with their weight issues. Take a look at these super celebs who defied all odds of weight management.

  • Tips to lose weight on your butt

    If you are having troubling to tone your well-deserved butt, then here are some tips to get working right now. Be butt happy!  

  • Harmful effects of crash dieting

    Unhealthy weight or body image may make us desperate to the extent of accepting crash diets. This kind of dieting harms the body and may lead you to gain weight instead. Harmful effects of crash dieting are too obvious to ignore!

  • Extreme Weight Loss Methods that Produce Fast Results

    Extreme weight loss is a practice of losing weight rapidly by burning your fat but it could be dangerous some times. Know some ways to lose weight severely.

  • Is blind trust on weight loss centres a wise idea?

    With various high-end weight loss centres extensively marketing their products and services, claiming to base them on your genetic profiling, it is easy to fall prey and put blind trust on weight loss centres. Here are the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

  • Is eating 6 times a day really the best weight loss diet?

    While a new study has found that eating six meals a day instead of three could help you lose weight, a contradicting study has detected no such advantage. Then what really helps weight loss? Find out!

  • The Best Five Ways to Maintain Body Weight

    Some people can lose weight without making an attempt to do so, while others require an extensive approach to shed the pounds. To avoid the trouble of losing and maintaining weight, here is what you should know to achieve it.

  • Effective Tricks to Balance your Hormones to Lose Weight

    Hormones control how we gain or lose weight. Learn how hormones affect metabolism to make you lose or gain weight.

  • 5 Weight Loss Tips Everyone Should Know

    Making just a few simple lifestyle changes can pack a big weight loss punch over time. Here are the top five tips on how to lose weight without sweating it too much.

  • Here’s Why Your Diet Isn’t Working!

    You've spent the last two months putting in your best effort to lose a pound or two. But your weekly check-in with the scale reveals (again) that you can't get your weight loss mojo in motion. Here are surprising reasons your weight loss plan isn't working. Get the facts and get back on track.

  • Happy weight versus Ideal weight: Weigh What You Want

    A 'happy weight" and an "ideal weight" are two different things. You may be happy with your current weight which isn't ideal (in proportion to what you weight several years ago). But that shouldn't bother you.

  • Influence Your Child to Eat Better and Exercise to Help Them Lose Weight

    As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do when you are concerned that your child might be overweight or obese. You can encourage healthy habits without nagging them. Here's how.

  • Inch by Inch, Lose Belly Fat like a Cinch

    When the beaches beckon, you want to be in swimsuit shape. If you're feeling a little flabby around the middle, or just want to do a little toning up, let these tips be your guide.

  • Mental Tricks to Help you Lose Weight

    Losing weight successfully has a lot to do with your mind. Mental strategies will help you stay firm on your intention to slim down and provide you with adequate motivation. Here are some mental tricks with which you can lose weight anywhere you go.

  • Obese Dieters regain lost weight due to Hormones

    New study says that hormonal changes after weight loss due to dieting are likely to make the dieters regain the lost weight, leaving them heavier and more desperate than ever.

  • The Secret to not Regain Lost Weight

    Fad diets help less in losing and keeping off lost weight. The basic and most effective trick is to consume lesser calories without depriving yourself of it throughout the day.

  • How to Lose Weight in 10 Days - Detailed Guide With Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan

    To know how to lose weight in 10 days, read the guidelines given here with workout and diet plan which will help you reduce your weight in just 10 days. There is also an added advice on the psychological aspect.

  • How to Lose Weight in Your Face in a Week to Tone it Up

    When you have a lean and perfect body, a fat face may turn out to be a big turn off. Follow these tips for 1 week and you will lose all the necessary fats from your face.

  • Now Lose Weight Without Reducing the Fullness on your Face

    To lose weight symmetrically means to lose the fulness of the face. But, you can prevent this from happening by adding a little more effort.

  • Reading Reduces Waistline. No Kidding.

    There is scientific proof that states that reading not only has positive effects on the brain but also the waistline. Fitness freaks! you must read this.

  • Benefits of Weight Loss

    It's always better to lose a few kilos of weight for women to look and feel fit. Not only that, losing weight can do a lot of other favours for our body and these range from maintaining heart's health to  preventing life-threatening diseases.

  • How to Reduce Weight at Home

    Breeze through this complete guide to losing weight the easy way and start trimming at home without any heavy workout or tedious routine.

  • Vegetarianism to Lose Weight

    A vegan diet is an effective weight-loss tool and vegans tend to have lower body mass indexes than non-vegans. A healthy vegan diet for weight loss encompasses fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and oils.

  • Eays Ways to get Rid of Love Handles

    Losing love handles can be difficult, especially if you have a large amount of fat deposited around the waistline. You need to make specific changes in diet and lifestyle to see noticeable results around this area of the body.

  • Control Your Desire for Food for Weight Loss

    If losing weight is one of the topmost priorities in your life right now, this can present a difficult situation. Some simple tips can help you control your desire for food without overstraining or overly denying yourself.

  • The Important Dos and Don'ts of Weight Loss

    The dos and don’ts of healthy weight loss will help you home in your goal and keep the weight off.

  • How to be Disciplined to Lose Weight

    Losing weight is not all that easy, but discipline dear friend can make you reach the pinnacle. If you are not disciplined you cannot really achieve much.

  • Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

    Looking for weight loss tips for women over 50? Do not go anywhere. Here is presenting the  most effective few tips that will help you maintain your weight through 50s and 60s.

  • How to Lose Belly Fat for Kids

    Belly fat in kids can give rise to some serious problems, and it is not something to avoid for you as a parent. Healthy foods, and regular activity are very important, let your grow up to be healthy and strong.

  • Easy Ways to Start Losing Weight

    The foremost principle of shedding extra weight is burning more calories than consumed. These easy ways to start losing weight will help you get the perfect curves.

  • How to Break Bad Habits to Lose Weight

    Your vain weight loss efforts can be a result of poor habits and lifestyle practices. Take a look at these tips to break habits to lose weight.

  • How to Use Cool Weather to Lose Weight

    This winter get into your weight loss mode with an effective plan, here are a few pointers that will allow you to use the cold weather to acheive your awaited goal.

  • How to Lose Weight with Disability

    Dissability may pose as a hindrance, especially when you want to workout. The good news is that you can with these weight loss exercises.

  • Weight Loss Secrets for Men

    Nowadays men are also very keen towards weight loss to gain a perfect fit body. There are few weight loss secrets which men can follow to get rid off that extra fat.

  • Morning Rituals that help in Weight Reduction

    Every morning you wake up lethargically and drag yourself out of bed, but instead of just heading for shower you should follow a morning ritual to lose weight.

  • How to Prepare Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan

    The objective is not just to lose weight but to lose it in a healthy way and keep the pounds off your body. Understand how to prepare well in order to lose weight.

  • Tips to Lose Weight after a Baby

    Having a baby is gift of God, but health hazards of pregnancy could be devastating. Getting back to normal weight after having a baby requires a lot of hard work as well as dedication.

  • Weight Loss Tips for Obese Women

    Set realistic goals for losing weight and never lose the motivation to do it. You have only to gain from losing weight and some tips given in this article can make it easy for you.

  • Weight Loss Tips that are Easy to Follow and Effective

    There is no derth of weight loss tips but whether we follow them should be in question. What we fail to understand is that weight loss requires a change in behaviour before a change in diet.

  • Tips for Flight Attendants to Lose Weight

    With constant travelling, following a specific diet or working out regularly can become a challenge for flight attendants thus, it is crucial for them to know how to remain in shape.

  • Losing Weight in Hot Weather made Easy

    Losing weight in hot weather may be exhaustive, but there are certain steps you can take to sucessfully lose weight without being tired or exhausted too soon.

  • Why is Weight Loss Surgery so much in Rage

    Bariatric surgeries have a great impact on those looking forward to changing their body's shape and improving the quality of life. Know its different benefits.

  • How to get the Weight Loss Mind Set

    So you are trying to lose some of that weight that you have on. You are probably too lazy and dont know how and where to start. Get the weight loss mind set. Learn how, here!

  • How to Convince Yourself to Lose Weight

    Losing weight demands a mound of crash diets and exercises and of course, lot of motivation. Check these simple steps to help you reach your goal of slipping into your old skinny jeans.

  • Weight Loss Plans for College Students

    Weight loss plan for college students must include healthy snacking and active lifestyle. They must limit intake of fast food and go for healthier alternates.

  • How to Lose Weight in Everyday Life

    Lose weight by bringing some changes to you daily life, and before long you will see the difference.

  • What are the Novel Ways to Eat Less

    If you think eating less to lose weight is one of the most difficult tasks, here are a few strategies that will prove otherwise!

  • Ways to Treat Morbid Obesity

    For a patient who is morbidly obese, losing the excess weight is a difficult task. Here is all that you need to know to get back in shape.

  • Know how you can Lose Weight while being Bedridden

    Losing weight when bedridden is a daunting task, but not impossible. By limiting calorie intake as per your doctor's guidelines and doing isometric exercises, you can come out with an all-new look.

  • Improve your Fitness with Fat Burning Tips

    You are giving your best shot everyday to burn fat, but somewhere you lacking behind. Take that extra step with these tips to improve fitness and burn fat.

  • Best Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

    Crazy dieting methods are a cliche that almost never work. Fortunately, we have found some scietific theories that prove to be best in helping one stay fit.

  • Why Weight Loss is Important for Women

    Obesity is becoming a worldwide problem that causes not only medical consequences but also disturbances in psychosocial functioning.

  • Tips to Reduce Sugar Intake when trying to Lose Weight

    You may find it hard to cut back your consumption of sugary foods, but ultimately it will reward you with healthy body weight and lean and sleek look that you desire.

  • Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

    Now the art of hypnosis is not restricted for fun and play alone, it could be used as a method to lose weight too. Here is an insight.

  • How to Set Reasonable Weight Loss Goals

    For a weight loss plan to be success, setting realistic goals including weight, exercise, food and psychological goals is requisite.

  • What are 10 different ways to Lose Weight without Dieting?

    How to Lose Weight without Dieting - By making simple changes in your daily lifestyle and some intelligent dietary and exercise modifications, you can effortlessly lose weight dieting.

  • How to Lose Weight without Exercise

    How to lose weight without exercise - Wondering how to lose weight without exercise? Here are some of the tips to lose weight if you can’t take time out for exercise at home.

  • Lose that extra flab effectively and painlessly

    Want to shed those extra kilos but fretting at the prospects of painful procedures, tardy recuperation and hard exercise regimes? Check out the latest ultrasound-based slimming technology, known as Ultra Contour.

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