Staying Fit

Staying Fit

Staying Fit

  • Guide to build muscle and improve fitness

    Working out is no child's play, you cannot expect results unless you are dedicated. Here are some tips for you to improve on muscle and fitness.

  • Regular exercise keeps lifestyle diseases at bay

    You only need 150 minutes of exercise every week to improve blood glucose tolerance, reduce body fat and the risk to all possible lifestyle diseases that come with obesity.

  • Know the secret to balance fitness along with a busy schedule

    Balancing Fitness with Busy Schedule – Is your fitness because of family or busy work life? Take a look at the strategies to balance fitness with a busy life.

  • Reasons to work out other than weight loss

    Weight loss is just one of the several reasons to work out. Exercising let's you manage stressful situations like unemployment. It also prepares you for a  better future, a prospective job in this case.

  • This is how you should prepare for a marathon

    Willing to participate in the next marathon coming up in your city? There are some preparations and precautions you must take before you hit the road.

  • The must-have fall running accessories

    When you decide to run in cold weather, you must prepare without any compromise to shun the risks of health problems. Take a look at the accessories that will make your winter workout easy, safe and comfortable.

  • Stay fit without going to gym with these fun workout tips

    To have a healthy body and maintain a good lifestyle you must exercise regularly. However, for doing so you do not necessarily have to hit the gym every day. There are many more fun ways to workout which can save you from the boredom and give you the same results.

  • Take off your shoes for better workout results

    When you exercise bare foot, it helps you get a better lift. Pay some extra attention to your feet and see the change in your workout instantly.

  • Surprising reasons you are not getting results in the gym

    Only a right combination of correct workouts and proper diet will help you get your desired results in the gym.

  • Run smart to stay injury-free

    Injuries are common while running. You can’t make sure that every step that you take will be pain-free i.e. without aches, twinges and soreness but many of the running injuries can be prevented.

  • Walking: A step in the right direction

    Walking is one of the easiest ways for you to be physically active. Try to walk daily. If you are walking fewer than three times per week, give yourself more than two weeks before increasing the pace and frequency.

  • The one-minute step challenge to test your endurance

    When it comes to fitness, the two parameters that are looked at are endurance and strength. According to a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, a one-minute stepup test can prove to be a serious strength-endurance challenge.

  • Are you gymming your way to bad health?

    Even a simple workout can expose you to a variety of health problems that may be minor or major. So, are you gyming for a healthier body or a weaker one?

  • 5 popular workout myths busted!

    You may be spending hours running on the treadmill yet your weighing machine may be showing disappointing results. When this happens, you must blame yourself for following workout myths.

  • Do you end up feeling hungry after workout? These tips might help

    The relationship between working out and overeating has both biological and psychological roots that may surprise you. Here are effective tips to deal with your hunger after you exercise.

  • 13 tips to get a perfect body shape

    A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul. To have a healthy mind and soul you ought to have a fit body. Follow these tips and have the fittest body ever.

  • One habit that can transform your body

    If you wish to see a miraculous change in your body, you must possess the two most important characteristics, patience and enthusiasm. While you are trying to make amendments to your lifestyle in order to shed those extra pounds, you will be surprised to know that it is just one habit that needs to be changed.

  • Here is why you should workout in the morning

    The time of your exercise matters as much the exercise regime itself. Early morning workout has it's own added advantages making it wiser to leave the bed early morning and doing exercises.

  • Follow these precautions to prevent injuries while cycling

    Cycling is an inexpensive way to get fit. It can be a great cardiovascular exercise for those who are not very comfortable with hitting the gym. Injuries are quite normal for cyclist, and it is important to stay safe.

  • Dance away diabetes with these moves

    Dance can help you lose weight and eventually you can reduce the risk of diabetes.

  • When is the best time to exercise?

    Your body has an appetite for constant movement and it is up to you to give it the workout it desires and the energy supply it demands. But, the time at which you exercise speaks volumes of the results you will get.

  • Workout tips to meet your over-40 fitness needs

    If you haven’t been exercising until the 40s, don’t waste any more time. The body is still quite healthy and if the focus is to keep it that way, it can be done.

  • Know how lifting heavy weights can boost your memory

    If you did not know how to stay motivated for hitting the gym then this recent study gives you enough reasons to. Read on to unravel the hidden benefits of exercising.

  • 6 effective tips to become an exercise addict

    You must be wondering what makes some people manage to work out regularly, and do it with such remarkable enthusiasm all the time. Here’s all that you need to know to become an exercise addict.

  • Should you eat before a workout?

    A big fitness myth that has been floating around forever is that working out on an empty stomach will help you burn more fat. It seems like everyone is spouting this myth, but the truth relies on science. Find out the facts!

  • 9 reasons why you must follow a fitness plan

    Exercising helps build up stamina and immunity of the body which can help you in the long run by not only delaying ageing but by preventing degenerative diseases. All these and more are benefits of following a fitness plan.

  • Fitness Truths: should women use weights?

    When 20-inch biceps are not on a woman's mind, should they use weights? Working with weights is commonly associated with muscle building, but is it the only thing that weight training is all about?

  • Know how you can motivate yourself to exercise!

    Motivate Yourself to Workout: Toning your body or shaping up muscle mass is solely your responsibility. Here are some ideas that will keep you motivated for working out.

  • How to be more productive at exercise session

    Stamina and endurance are essential to any sport or fitness training. Here are some ways to increase and sustain your stamina to get full out of your workout.

  • Breaking bad body shaming!

    Are you guilty of making inappropriate statements, direct comment or shaming someone or yourself in any way? Here is how you can resolve or avoid these bad habits.

  • Exercise regularly to fight withdrawal symptoms

    The role of exercise in coping with addiction has been a topic of debate for quite some time now. To prove the importance of workout in dealing with withdrawal symptoms, researchers conducted experiments. Here is what they found.

  • Here are the reasons why exercising makes you itch

    When you exercise, your body releases histamine. Histamine sends itch signals to the brain, which means that an increased histamine production in your body could induce general feelings of itchiness, which seems to be what you experience while exercising.

  • Make physical activity a part of your life to stay healthy and happy!

    Those busy with work and school, two-career couples, single parents—really, whoever you are, people from all walks of life find it difficult to get enough exercise. But research shows that all Americans need physical activity for good health.

  • Best ways to increase speed and endurance

    Whether you are manifesting hope to bolt through the track on a casual Sunday morning or wanting to pecker your body up for your locality’s charity marathon, you need to better your endurance and speed. Here are some of the best ways to increase speed and endurance.

  • 7 daily habits that will make you healthier

    Small changes in your life can bring about a lot of changes. Here are seven such changes that will make your life healthier and better. They are easy to follow, find out!

  • Know how many steps per day should you walk

    Research shows that walking 10,000 steps a day will significantly improve your health. Putting one foot in front of the other can build stamina, burn excess calories and give you a healthier heart.

  • 15 ways to rain-proof your workout during monsoon

    Working out during monsoon should not be taken lightly. Take a look at some guidelines on working out during monsoon.

  • 5 exercises that are a total waste of your time

    Fitness centre can be a confusing place with all the latest fitness equipment, machines and free weights. When you are there, learn to streamline the process and how the exercises can get you results.

  • 4 simple tips to stay fit during monsoons

    Undoubtedly, monsoon brings relief from scorching heat of summer, but it also makes it difficult to follow your workout schedule.  If you do not want to let monsoon affect your health and fitness, here is how you can stay fit despite of incessant rain.

  • Fitness tips for working women to stay healthy

    It’s very hard to maintain your fitness in a busy schedule. Read this article and know the best fitness tips for working women. For women health advice visit now!

  • Push past your obstacles and get active to stay fit!

    People come up with lots of reasons to avoid physical activity.  They feel too tired, too busy, too out of shape, too old… and the list goes on.  But these obstacles pale in comparison to the many benefits of boosting your activity, even by a modest amount.

  • Follow these 4 practices to avoid injuries and infections at the gym

    Gyms are places we go to, to get healthier, but you need to take good care of yourself while you’re there too. It is possible to do a lot of damage to your health while you’re there as well.

  • 6 health and fitness myths you should never believe in

    To save yourself from being carried away, take a look at the fitness myths and facts that debunk these myths.

  • 5 Tips for choosing best workout gear

    Believe it or not, the clothes you wear for a workout can make a difference in how you feel after exercise. The best workout clothes are designed to make working out as comfortable as possible.

  • 5 Exercise machines to avoid at the Gym

    Understand that not all the machines in gym are good for you. Some may cause trouble to your body, it could cause you pain and discomfort. Know which machines not to use.

  • 30 minutes of daily exercise can lower the risk of diseases

    A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that just 30 minutes of physical activity (six days a week) can help boost physical activity level and health significantly.

  • 5 everyday habits that are sapping your energy

    Depleting levels of energy may be caused by common, everyday habits that you sub-consciously practice. Here are 5 of such habits that can be very harmful.

  • 5 reasons why you must try aerobic exercises

    Aerobic exercises are a challenge for your body, but if you can do these then there is no looking back in matters of physical health and fitness.

  • Common stretching mistakes that you must avoid

    Proper stretching can prevent you from injuries but if done in wrong manner, it stiffens the muscles.

  • 5 Things you should do before your gym session

    What we do before and after gym is as important as what we do in the gym. If you are not doing things right, it not only breaks your performance in the gym but also gets in the way of your goals.

  • These 5 harmful particles in your workout clothes can make you seriously ill

    If you feel itchy after a workout, your clothing could be the source. Toxins lurking in fitness garments can pose risk of several health problems.

  • 4 Ways your health suffers when you stop working out

    Hitting pause on your workout plan just doesn’t make you paunchy but it also harms your health in many ways you will be surprised to learn. Here are four ways your health suffers when you stop working out.

  • 10 Most annoying elevator habits

    There are some irritating elevator habits that some people have. They might need a crash course in elevator manners.

  • Know how to get the perfect body shape

    All men have a certain type of body shape may be like an apple, pear, hour-glass, muscular, or a ruler; but they all desire a perfect body shape. A balanced diet plan and routine exercises can get them that perfect body shape.

  • 4 Arm-strengthening moves you can do while sitting

    Exercises while sitting are a great way to utilise your idle time, in doing something fruitful for the sake of your body, so why not?

  • 10 Easy ways to boost your aerobic fitness levels

    Know about the top 10 ways to boost your aerobic fitness. Read the easy tips to improve aerobic fitness. See how you can improve your aerobic fitness.

  • Should you sweat it out when you’re sick?

    While regular exercise boosts immune system, it can also hurt more than help if your body is fighting off an illness. Let’s find out if exercise or rest is the best medicine while you are feeling a little meh.

  • Change from sedentary lifestyle to stay fit

    It takes more than just food to give us that perfect body shape that we so yearn for and these strategies include exercising and setting a realistic goal right away.

  • Ironman Milind Soman turned 51 today, know how he maintains his endurance

    Stretching is important, it helps in preventing any sort of muscle injury or ache and even helps you to run more efficiently.

  • Recovery from Workout Fatigue

    To recover from workout fatigue, watch what you eat and drink. Apart from this, you can switch to low-impact exercises to build your stamina first rather than building muscles.

  • Top 10 ways to burn 150 calories

    If you’re unhappy with static body weight, find out how you can easily burn those extra calories in 10 simple ways.

  • Summer Workout: Make the most of the summer months

    School’s out. Things are slow at work. And the warmer weather brings lots of new opportunities to improve your health: plenty of fresh, local produce and more choices for outside activities. Here’s how to make the most of the summer months.

  • Health benefits of playing sports

    Whether cycling, swimming or any other kind of sport, every kind of sport has its own health benefit. If you are health conscious and you are looking forward to make fitness as your lifestyle then, go for sports.

  • Exercise essentials for summer

    Any disruption in the workout schedule is most likely to affect the entire routine. Find out the quickies that will ease your workout regimen during summers.

  • Tips to improve your physical fitness

    Fitness has become a requisite to keep up with the pace of modern lifestyle. Synonymous to health and well-being, fitness gives you the ability to adapt and take stress.

  • Top 5 songs to pump-up your workout regime

    Having the right music listed up on your playlist can be the trick to pump you and get maximum out of the workout. If you have never worked out to good music, you are missing out on a big exercise motivator.

  • Ways to deal with common sports injuries

    Whenever you step out onto the field of play, there is always a chance of picking an injury. Here's a guide on how to deal with sports injuries.

  • Fitness myth:You put on weight when stop exercising

  • DIY gym:8 Inexpensive fitness equipment that will get you strong

    You don’t need to invest all your savings in fancy equipment to set up a gym at home. Without much spending and thoughtful planning, you can build a gym that motivates and engages you.

  • Fitness and diet advice for men

    Fitness does not mean a perfect body it is an hour glass figure or bulging muscles with 6 pack abs.

  • Top 6 Fitness Facts

    You will be surprised to learn that a lot of things you knew about fitness are really fiction. Ace physical instructor Yashmeen Manak and Wanitha Ashok guide us.

  • Myths of aerobics debunked!

    Aerobic classes are the best form of cardiovascular exercise and the most effective ones for losing excess weight.

  • Tips to steady your exercise routine

    A steady exercise routine can be demanding, but is essential to one's overall health. These tips will steady your exercise routine in as less time as possible.

  • Ways to steer clear of a winter-workout rut

    Winters tend to interfere with our workout regimes by making us lazier than usual. However, cold weather is actually invigorating because it stimulates our senses, tunes us in to our surroundings and makes us feel alive. Here are some ways to winter-proof your workout.

  • Don't let winters keep you from working out?

    For a healthy exercise routine during winters, there is no need to not push that snooze button on your alarm clock. Just know a few safety measures and exercises to keep fit in the cold season.

  • Akshay Kumar’s shirtless selfie: His fitness secrets revealed

    Akshay Kumar’s latest shirtless selfie has become a rage on the internet. If his shapely and brawny torso has inspired you to match up to his level of fitness, here is what you should do.

  • Winter-proof your Run

    Winter chill make your ears and hands numb. It also tends to make you prone to cold as the sweat formation. Here are some of the ways to winter proof your run.

  • Fitness Faux pas...9 worst workout mistakes

    Knowledge of the right technique of working out is important because practising fitness moves the wrong way, and doing so repeatedly, can result in injuries. There are certain mistakes that occur more commonly than the others.

  • Fitness Facts for Women

    To stay fit women need to exercise well and eat healthy. This article includes fitness facts for women. 

  • Kind of Trainers to Avoid

    While selecting a personal trainer for yourself it is important to consider some factors. This article give you detail on what kind of trainers must be avoided.

  • When Exercising becomes too much

    Exercise may be good for most of us but there are some who are compulsive exercisers, who insist on exercising even if it harms them.

  • Cheap and best ways to stay fit

    Cheap and best ways to stay fit

    Hitting a gym may cause a drill in your pocket but it certainly does not mean that there are no other ways to stay fit where you don’t have to spend even a dime.

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