• Know how you can burn more fat in less time with HIIT

    Burning fat is no less than an uphill task. People spend hours in gyms, running, doing rigorous workout but get nowhere. All your efforts will go in vain if there’s no action plan, where you have set a timeline of losing a certain amount of fat. One action plan could be HIIT, in which you can lose fat faster and more than any other workout plan. So, what is HIIT? Let’s find out!

  • Exercises that you are doing wrong

    Some workouts are designed to target a certain body part but when we do them incorrectly, we are accidentally turning those workouts futile. Know how!

  • 4 Running commandments that you must follow before going for a run

    Running is not just about good running shoes, there are so many more things that you must keep in mind while going out for a run.

  • Get healthier with swimming

    Swimming is a fun sport, most of us like to splash around and have fun. Here are ways in which this fun sport can benefit your health.

  • 7 Exercises that will help you grow taller

    Most people believe that how tall we grow is in our genes. Nutrition, physical activities, posture and height maximizing exercises can aid in height increase.

  • Exercises to tone your arms

    Arms are usual problem area and anybody would desire for tone hands. Here is a list of exercises that can help you have toned arms.

  • 5 Best glute exercises you should try

    Most of us are not happy with our backside. Know the best exercises for strengthening and toning your glutes, hips and thighs to make a difference to your backside.

  • Build muscles without going to gym with these tips and tricks

    Some people cannot afford a gym membership while others do not have time for exercising but there are many ways to build muscles without going to gym. Read!

  • Cycle your way to a fitness

    Swallow this - Hollywood celebrity Madonna has been a famous cyclist. Simply pedal your bicycle on daily basis and you will see your body springing with health!

  • 5 Great Benefits of Scissor Jumps

    Scissor jumps is an endurance plyometric (jump training) technique which comprises strength training and plyometric movement to build muscular strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

  • Fitness benefits of hula hoop exercise

    Love to hula hoop? Learn about all the fitness benefits of the fun hula-hooping exercises.

  • 5 Easy pilates exercises for great abs

    Strength, stamina, and posture are the keys to solid abs. And by hitting your major cores, Pilates give you all that. Perform these 5 easy Pilates exercises for great abs.

  • 5 Reasons jump rope is the best conditioning tool

    One of the most beneficial conditioning exercises that people tend to ignore is jump rope. The conditioning tool builds athleticism, shreds fat and preserves muscles.

  • Right ways to run with your dog

    It has been proven that dogs can boost your motivation to run but still there are things that you need to learn before jogging with your dog. Yes, you should know how to run with your dog.

  • 5 Silly mistakes that make you awkward at the gym

    Being a total fitness newbie, we are intimidated at the very thought of going to a gym because none of us exactly know how to act there. Once we know, it takes away all sorts of anxiety so without much ado lets know the silly mistakes we often make at the gym.

  • Best and worst exercises for abs

    For those willing to put a little effort into their workout, a new study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) "the workout watchdog" reveals the best and worst methods for getting definite results.

  • Health benefits of zumba

    Zumba is a kind of group exercise that transforms dancing into an enjoyable workout.

  • 5 Reasons you should do bridges daily

    The bridge builds muscle, boosts flexibility, and can also be easily incorporated into any routine. Here are five reasons too convince you to do bridge exercises daily.

  • Lower back strengthening exercises

    Lower back of your body plays a significant role to keep body straight, give structural support, aid in bodily movements and protect certain body tissues.

  • Isometrics: Gain strength without moving a muscle

    Isometric exercises are those in which you don't actually move the joint. Know how static positions can help you build serious strength even without moving a muscle.

  • Things no one tells you about indoor cycling

    A stationary bicycle can provide an excellent workout. Here are some things to know about indoor cycling to make working out easy.

  • Rotator cuff exercises for strong shoulders

    Strong shoulders improve your ability to perform physical tasks. Here's rotator cuff exercises for strong shoulders and relieve pressure off rotator cuff muscles.

  • 4 Moves that banish bra fat

    Strong back muscles are not only key for an overall defined look. Here are three classic strength moves to get rid of bra fat.

  • 7 Benefits of doing planks every day

    Planks provide more than the obvious health benefits. It can help you get six-pack abs, lose weight, boost your mood, solve your back pain troubles and much more.

  • 3 Simple exercises to improve your core strength

    Core exercises must be an integral part of your fitness regime; making it easier to do many physical activities. Learn the simple exercises that will help you improve your core strength.

  • Benefits of stationary cycling

    Stationary cycling can have great benefits as far as toning the body and making the organs healthy is concerned. Know why it is such a popular equipment in gyms.

  • Benefits of running at night

    There is not one best time to work out. However, running at night can be a great idea during summer and for those who have tight morning schedule.

  • Cardio Exercises you can do at Home

    Cardio exercises that you can do at home include easy-to-do exercises that won’t require you to hit the gym. Get acquainted with some of these exercises, here.

  • Types of exercises

    Exercises can be classified into 3 types namely flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic. Flexibility exercises improve blood flow and aerobics and anaerobic help in weight reduction.

  • Run for fitness and better health

    Running is an important exercise that not only helps burn calories but also keeps the heart rate intact, thereby ensuring that the person exercising regularly keeps fit and healthy.

  • Burpee exercise:Discover the benefits

    The biggest benefit of burpee workout is that it is probably the single most effective and complete, whole-body conditioning exercise there is.

  • 6 Arm Exercises for Women

    Arm exercises for women that can help them have slim, toned arms do not need to be heavily equipped; a few lifts and movements at home can easily get one those perfect arms.

  • Exercises for the neck

    A regular neck exercises can help prevent muscle tension and stiffness. Besides, neck exercises can help ease the symptoms of neck pain.

  • Jog backwards to stay fit

    Jogging backwards makes you more physically fit, claims a study.

  • Breathing exercises that let go of emotional strain

    Stress and anxiety can affect anyone, from small children, to adults or seniors. Don’t let the stress accumulate within but practice breaching exercises to be less stressed in everyday life.

  • Jogging tips for beginners to achieve best results

    To start with your fitness regime, you must take care of a few points which will help you to achieve the best results and save you from fatigue.

  • One arm pushups:Pushing the boundaries

    Staying fit is an obsession for most people, and they push themselves as far as they can go. The one-arm push up is exactly one such exercise which is big on challenging you. Know its technique.

  • 5 Alternatives to treadmill

    Running the treadmill is a very common exercise for losing weight, but you must agree that it gets pretty boring at one point of time. Instead you could try these five alternatives and reap even better results.

  • Kettle Bell Exercises for Beginners

    Move over primitive and traditional workouts, fling the bar bell away for now. Master the art of using a kettle bell for exercises, as it works on the larger muscles and helps to lose weight.

  • The benefits of running just 5 minutes a day

    A new study has now revealed that you do not have to run or sprint for so far and with such great intensity. The study suggests that running just for 5 minutes can help you improve your health.

  • 4 Moves for building strong forearms

    In the rush to tone biceps, chest and abs, most men fail to acknowledge the importance of training forearms. If you often workout with weights, you must incorporate these moves for stronger forearms.

  • 4 Foam Roller exercises to relieve pain in 10 minutes

    Pain can be a discomforting experience, and as we age we get more prone to it. Use the simplest of modes to take care of pain, try what we call the foam roller.

  • 9 Easy stretching exercises

    People who love indulging in activities like dancing and gymnastics can be put off with a stiff back. Even in daily life a non-flexible back can hamper your chores. So, here are few stretches that can be the remedy for your trouble.

  • Working Out at Work:Exercises and Essentials

    Being a desk potato doesn’t help; you may use your time at work to be fit. Here are some exercises and essentials for working out at work to kick away your paperwork pains. Once you start, you'll find that it helps to clear your mind and burn some extra calories.

  • Is this most important exercise missing from your workout?

    Discover how five minutes of breathing at the end of your workout can benefit your health like you never knew. All you have to do is: Lie down and breathe.

  • Dance your way to a toned body

    Ever wondered why dancers have perfect bodies? It is because dancing is enough of a workout and is fast becoming an alternative to gyms in Indian cities.

  • Kegel exercise for women

    Kegel exercises for women are easy-to-do and work the pelvic floor muscles up in a bid to control an overactive bladder. Take a look at how it is done, here.

  • George's 100 up:Exercise that just might change your running forever

    Running is the most effective natural exercise that an individual can do. But most of us have forgotten the effective way to healthy body, that we usually don't even have a proper running stance anymore.

  • Best exercises for a slim waist

    A slim waist is every woman desire and she can go limits to achieve that. The only thing is, you don't really have to take so much pains. There are some really simple and easy exercises that can give you a thinner waist in no time.

  • Is running on a treadmill as good as running outside?

    Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of cardiovascular exercise equipments both at home and in the gyms. But, is outdoor running better than the treadmill? Well, there are pros and cons to each.

  • Top 5 exercises to tone your lower half

    Most guys work out for ripped abs and gigantic biceps, while women do it to get rid of weight-related woes. Besides specific fitness goal, you must not forget that the lower half of body is just as important. Take a look at 5 best exercises for toning the lower half.

  • Slow and steady wins the race:Jog slow to live long

    The findings of a recent study found that running fast does more harm than good. Here are some findings of the study. Read on to live long.

  • What to do if squats make your knees hurt

    Squats make a wonderful exercise for knees, however it can also trigger knee pain, especially when performed incorrectly. Make changes to your procedure to escape the pain.

  • Lunges help improve your athleticism

    Lunges are reckoned to be the most common and effective exercises to improve athleticism. The exercise strengthens your knee joints and helps with stabilization and athleticism.

  • 3 Stretches that help you squat more

    Limited range of motion in your joints is often the culprit for your body to break down while exercising. A few stretches can help you to increase the range of motion in the joints and thus help you squat more.

  • 5 Variations of Plank for killer abs

    If you want flat and toned abs, you don’t need anything other than a few variations of planks. Planks primarily train the deep abdominal muscles to help redefine midsection.

  • Walking can delay cognitive decline

    A recent research suggests that living in a neighbourhood that encourages walking can arrest cognitive decline in older adults.

  • International dance day:How does dance affect the body?

    Let’s celebrate the fervor of International Dancing Day by unveiling the little dancer in ourselves. So, read on and dust off your dancing shoes for a refreshing and groovy session.

  • Exercises for a Magical Pout

    Apart from working out for abs and biceps, you can also do so for your face. Know some cool lip and face exercises to look better.

  • Why to Exercise With Your Dog

    Exercising with dogs is beneficial for both the pet owner as well as the dog. This article gives you details and tips to exercise with your dog. 

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