Shatavari: a wonder herb that increases your chances of conception

Oct 06, 2016

Quick Bites:
  • Even having sex during the most fertile days does not get you pregnant.
  • There are plenty of reasons that prevent you from concieving.
  • Try Shatavari, a wonder herb that increases your chances of conception.
  • This herb helps in ovulation, relieves stress and restores hormonal imbalances.


Nothing can beat the most enriching and soul-satisfying experience that a woman goes through when she gets pregnant. But getting pregnant is not easy for all, some women may get pregnant within the first six months of trying to conceive while it may take several months to year (sometimes years) for others. Are you planning a baby too? And have tried everything that you knew but in vain? Well, you are not alone most women complain that even having sex during the most fertile days and eating healthy, they did not get the desired results but that does not mean you should lose hope.  There are plenty of herbs for fertility that increase your chances of conception.  Yes, one such effective remedy is Shatavari, a well known herb used in Ayurveda to boost fertility in both men and women by improving libido.




Shatavari for pregnancy : Here is how it works


It restores hormonal inbalances

It has been reported that most women suffer from a condition called polyscystic ovarian syndrome during their reproductive age which causes hormonal imbalances and hampers ovulation. However, use of shatavari can help you ease the symptoms, restore hormonal imbalances and enhance your chances of getting pregnant. Yes, this ayurvedic remedy can improve follicular maturity and regularize your menstrual cycle, thereby, improve your chances of conception.

It relieves stress

Stress causes havoc not only on your mental health but it also affects your overall well being. But did you know it affects your fertility as well? Yes, stress may lead to a number of problems that may prevent you from getting pregnant such as endometriosis, blacked fallopian tubes, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and much more. However, with the help of Shatavari herb you can boost the production of white blood cells to reduce the inflammation, absorb the harmful toxins and waste material from the blood stream. This will eventually help your body gear up for reproduction.


It improves ovulation

One of the main constituents of Shatavari is steroidal saponins, which is known to be regulate production of estrogen which in turn contributes to menstrual cycle regulation and better ovulation.

It improves secretion of cervical mucus

Do you know what cervical mucous is and how it affects your fertility? Well, cervical mucous is secreted by the cervix when a woman approaches ovulation. It helps the sperm through the female reproductive tract to meet the egg. So, how does this herb help here? Well, shatavari is known to contain mucilage that provides protection to the mucous membranes of the cervix and acts as a tonic for it.


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