Neonatal Care Dos and Donts

May 23, 2011

Quick Bites:

Neonatal Care Do's

  • Kangaroo care you baby for the first seven to ten days.
  • Breastfeed your baby after birth. There  is no limit of the amount and time of breastfeeding.
  • Calm your baby when he/she cries. Don’t leave them unattended.
  • While holding a newborn, support baby’s head and neck because infant’s neck muscles are not strong.
  • Swaddle your baby as it g helps keep them warm and gives a sense of security. 
  • Wash baby’s clothes separately.
  • Burping your baby as it is a very important aspect of digestion.


Neonatal Care Dont's

  • Don’t allow sick people to touch your baby as they are likely to catch the infection.
  • Don’t heat baby’s bottles in a microwave.
  • Don’t expect your baby to sleep like you do. Baby’s sleep pattern is than yours. Most new borns sleep for 15-16 hours.
  • Don’t leave your baby alone. Always make your presence felt.


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